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Please check my placement

Hey, thanks for creating this forum, it is good for webmasters. please check my placement. thanks

Hi, I might add a rule in the future that no blogspot/blogger should be submitted for reviews. I for one will not review any blogger blog for ad placement. In your case it's even worse, your site is all over the place, you should check your site in several browser, me I use firefox and your design is messed up, everything is at the bottom, very ugly. Anyway, I don't want everyone to submit their blogger/blogspot because often it's useless, if one is not able or willing to invest a few bucks a year for a domain name and proper web hosting, then what's the point?
I want to help optimizing adsense placement only to those who make an effort, I can't accept mediocrity because I've seen on other forums what kind of pollution it brings, such as on DP forums.
So I might add a rule to this forum later, it depends on how things turn out, if nobody submit sites for reviews, then fine I don't need to add a rule, but if it starts to grow then I'll limit it to only proper websites/blogs.

ambull303 - I find the green on your blog difficult to read.

Here's my webpage I've recently updated it

thanks for your comments

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