Over 7,000 tops and still stuck at 2,000 unique visitors a day..

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Over 7,000 tops and still stuck at 2,000 unique visitors a day..

Yes, since opening the website back in october 2010, you members have posted over 7,000 tops.. We passed the 7,000 mark in June actually!

That's a lot of pages, not all are good I admit it. But still, the traffic is capped at a little over 2,000 unique visitors a day, as can be seen here:

What happened in march when we were at a little over 3,000 unique visitors a day is that I have created a second site, due to adsense acting up and disabling the ads for 2 weeks, remember? http://www.best-reviewers.com is the new site and on that site I moved all salary pages (a little over 600) as well as copying the existing top pages at the time.. So now on this old/original site the traffic is the same as before minus the traffic to the salary pages which are redirected to the new site..

The thing is, the new site, despite being new, gets about the same amount of traffic as the old one, a little over 2,000 unique visitors per day.. It seems it is capped at about the same figure..
This is the tracker for the new site: http://extremetracking.com/open;unique?login=dam010

Anyway, the point is that we get relatively small traffic for the content we have and it seems it is capped by Google at a certain amount daily, it's always the same figure despite more and more content being added everyday..

So hopefully Google will soon realize that we are good people who deserve at least 20,000 unique visitors a day..

Just to compare, the french version of best reviewer has about half the number of tops and its traffic is capped at 10,000 unique visitors a day!!! It has been like that for the last 3 months.. And even before that it was over 5,000 a day.. Have a look: http://extremetracking.com/open;unique?login=dam001

I know that on french web it is easier to rank high because the competition between webmasters is lower, but there are also way less people surfing on the french web than on the english web! That would make sense to receive at least the same amount on Best Reviewer, wouldn't it? Mind you it is not about quality here, because the tops are of various level of quality on the french site as well as on the english site.

What can I do in order to try to increase that traffic from Google, say double or triple it? Do you have any tips or similar experience that you can share? What have you done that resulted in significant increase of traffic from Google? That would be nice to know, honestly!

And by the way if you know someone at Google, like if you're related to Matt Cutts, please tell him to increase the capping on Best Reviewer, thank you in advance! :-)

I was not aware there was a new site and am wondering if it might be better to post on the new site as opposed to the old site? And recommendations?

You can post on the one you want, you can alternate too. It doesn't really matter, both sites are going to stay, and there probably are new users of the new site who are not aware that there exist also this one. It is not a problem, those are 2 different sites now, so they can receive traffic in parallel.
If you think the new one looks a bit better then you can use that one. But for the forum it is always at this old site, so all members from both sites need to come to the old site for talking on the forum.

Thank you

Do you know what had happened to the traffic? I just saw that it significantly dropped starting from May. According to Extreme Tracking, this summer the traffic is only around half of the traffic what we had last summer.

Hi, all I know is that traffic is now ridiculous, less than 1,000 unique visitors a day.
I guess Google doesn't like the site, seems the content sucks despite the 400 words minimum rule..
I really don't know what to do to please Goddle :-)

By the way, the other site best-reviewers.com will be deleted whenever I'll get around to put it offline, the traffic there is beyond ridiculous nowadays. Sorry everybody about all that, but I've kind of given up, especially at the moment when something came up in my life, something VERY BORING because it's a road accident with head trauma of my dad, so the web traffic and the fucking google team can go to hell.

If you know, or I mean have an idea about it, please let me know.


I am sorry for your Dad :(

Is it possible that Google penalized the placeholder pages of the non-complete pages? If you have any tools to automatically delete every top with less than 300 words then consider doing it right now. Or just hide them from Google-bot.

I checked my earnings and I received around the same amount from both of the sites in the last 3 months. One of them had better traffic but the other had more clicks. It was not a big sum...

Thanks. I'll see if I can simply redirect the small tops to error 404 for non loggued-in users.
EDIT: it's done, now tops who don't reach the threshold are not visible by non-members.
A small problem is that there are still links to them in list pages such as categories and tags, but the links return a 404 page.
If it is only because of that, it would be nice, but I think there are really too much stuff going on any one page, this is not really clever it seems, too much distractions from the main goals too.

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