Only 10 days to go.. Please tell me what you want!

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Only 10 days to go.. Please tell me what you want!

There's only 10 days to go now before I fly to France for a month and a half with very limited internet connection (basically never at home, which will be a pain to do online work) so in the remaining 10 days I will be working exclusively on finishing those new membership plans for Best Reviewer and in particular the one I called PRO which will have some features I never did yet on the site.

I can only give you clearly some because the rest will happen as I go deeper into doing it, but here they are:
- Even more backlinks (display your site's link sitewide)
- More ad revenue sharing (sitewide timeshare, adsense, chitika, clickbank, amazon, etc.)
- Display your own ads (sitewide timeshare, graphic ads + link in several standard ad sizes)
- Better affiliate program (earn money for each paying referral, recurring earnings, sent monthly to your Paypal account)

You should tell me what you want that could help you in your effort to earn money online.
What problems you are facing right now and what features would you like to see being implemented in best reviewer to make it more useful for you.
For instance you could say right now that the fact that there are so many ads on the page detracts the visitors from your own adsense blocks, but that will be addressed for sure, I'm going to remove most of the ads I've put since september as a test to see if I could replace my adsense income. I tried clickbank widget, amazon widget, chitika widget, and a lot of affiliate ads I've put myself, etc.. It brings in some money but compared to the clutter it produces I feel it is not worth it and it will be better to return back to what the site was about before, which was ad revenue sharing.
Except I can't share the adsense revenue anymore since I've lost my adsense account (not because of this site don't worry, it's because of a monkey working at adsense as I have documented it on the forum), but I can share the revenue with you on several ad networks which allow it:
- chitika (second best ppc ad network after adsense, allow ad revenue sharing unlike infolinks)
- amazon (I can send visitors to amazon search results based on each top's title with your amazon id)
- clickbank (by hand selecting some popular products which can be of interest to most people, like losing weight or earning more money or improving relationships/self-improvement)

And about adsense, since they ban my account but not my sites, and not this site, I can share the ad unit I was using before between members only, on a timeshare basis.

But I'm sure you have some ideas or suggestions you have thought about or have seen elsewhere, so feel free to just state them in the comments or by email ( so I can look at all the suggestions and see what I can implement relatively easily as I'm coding on the site the features I already have in mind.

Sorry for the long and messy post, but if you got my point and have some ideas, please tell me.


I think the site looks bad when you click on a top and get that warning in red that the top is incomplete. I know many people have been making those tops longer, but there are still many tops that get that warning. If I didn't have an account here and I clicked on a few of those, I would go elsewhere.

Personally I've been improving many of my tops, but I still have a lot to go. Is there any way you could restore them to look better than they do? Many people with accounts will never come back and lengthen their tops and so it will be bad for those of us who are active on the site.

Maybe give us a date in the future and any that are too short get removed?

I agree. I would like to add that I think the 400 words limit is too high, 200 words would also increase the traffic and the revenue. As a first step I would announce that all tops with less than 100 words will be removed on January 1st.

Hello, thank you both for your suggestions, I got more suggestions directly by email.
As for the red text, I've replaced it with... green :-)
It is much easier on the eyes, especially since the rest of the site is green.
But yes, that doesn't change the root of the problem I know.
Recently I've posted some tops with my other account and it's true that 400 words wasn't so easy. At first when I was done with my top I submitted and I had only about 200 words!
But honestly, the 200 more words I've added actually make the whole top more useful, because instead of one-two sentences per top, I explained more and some ideas came up and finally I ended up with between 400 and 500 words and now the top is better.
Since I knew my only option was to add words otherwise my top wouldn't display correctly, I had no choice, but finally I'm happy with the result. Of course I could put even more details but since the limit is at 400 words I didn't.

I know it is boring, but it helps me write more, so I'm sure it helps others too. Of course some people like me can decide NOT to post because they know they'll have to write a lot more than they're ready to, but once I start a top I know I want it to display correctly.
So if everybody is the same in this matter it will make LESS tops, but each one will be more complete.

Do you suggest that I should lower the word limit to 200 for PRO members? That is an easy feature to add.

I don't know if you've noticed, but recently all or nearly all the new tops are displaying correctly. As for the old tops they don't really matter as they are pushed back in all lists. Only exception is when they receive a new comment because to boost tops I have made their listing not only in reverse chronological order but rather in reverse chronological order of their last comment OR their publish date. So when there is a new comment, the top comes back at the top of some lists.

I'll send an email again to the members on my aweber list to remind them to update their post. Not all members are on that mailing list, if you are not you can send an email to and confirm your subscription.

James, I think it would be a great idea to lower the limit for Pro members to 200 words...

Is it too late to add a poll feature to the reviews for Pro members as well...Because I find that visitors are more likely to anonymously vote in a poll as opposed to writing a comment...And I believe that the interaction of visitors to Best-Reviewer would be good for increasing the authority of the site with Google too...

You have been at this way longer than me...Is this correct???...Would poll interaction increase pagerank???

WAHM Shelley... :)

Hello, I have added this feature, so the minimum word limit is now:
Pro: 200 words
Premium: 400 words
Basic: 500 words

As for the poll feature, I'm not an expert at all in SEO because I prefer to invest time in producing content rather than trying to guess and do Google's job. But from my understanding having people click anywhere and go to another page of the site will reduce the Bounce Rate, because the bounce rate (from what I understand) is when you come to the site and exit from it directly either by going back or going to another site via a link.
So assuming people would reply to a poll, then if it's not AJAX (stays on the page) then the result of the poll will be displayed on another page, and now they can't be counted in the Bounce Rate.
To do something similar I've added a picture below each item description which is over a minimum number of letters which says "Post a Comment". It is better than having only the possibility of commenting once you get to the end of the top. So if they click on those pictures, they are taken to another page to post their comment. That should also help in reducing the Bounce Rate and increase the average pageviews per visit which are "possibly" counted for by Google to rank sites. But who knows really :-)

Honestly nobody knows for sure and exactly about how Google rank sites, except those who have direct access to their algorithm source code and can understand it. So first it needs to be someone working at Google for a start. And all SEO articles we can read everywhere are not written by Google employees. When we can read articles such as Matt Cutts ( or or ) then there is nothing specific being said.

It's better we all focus on our own job and let Google focus on its job :-)

Thanks again, James...And have a good vacation...Bon voyage!!!

WAHM Shelley... :)

When will these requirements go into effect?

If we buy a membership while you have no internet access, are the changes automatic?

Hello, yes the changes are automatic, unfortunately we're now just one day away and OF COURSE I haven't finished.. That would have been too good to have finished in time..
The membership module I bought is meant to handle the assignation of membership levels automatically upon payment and handle also the cancellations/refunds..
Just this morning a new member bought the premium membership (thankfully it wasn't the PRO!) but the module didn't set the membership plan correctly, I had to assign it by hand 4 hours later. I have to find out why and fix it!

As for the minimum word limits they are already into effect, so it doesn't change anything for all current members who all have been given the premium membership.

I'm trying to do as much as I can in one day, and after when I'll be in France I'll continue to work on it by going to cybercafes, but now it's better to postpone the launch since some important parts of the PRO membership are not done yet.

Also I'm going to change the adsense code to update it to the new code, so I will require members to paste a new code in their profile instead of just the adsense id and custom channel id. The size will be fixed to 300x250 for all. But the advantages are that you can choose the colors/font and also it provides a much better tracking possibility. Also I will provide 3 fields, so that you can make different ad units to track the earnings on your own pages, on your referral pages and on the sitewide timesharing (for PRO only)

Now we are 8th january 2013 and I'm coming back to Thailand on 12th so once I get back I'll focus again on finishing the features of the memberships. Don't worry about it, just in case you were worrying :-)

Happy new year by the way!

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