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Not understanding the site

I'm really new here and wondered if there are instructions anywhere explaining how to post, what to post, etc? I'm not sure I get the concept.
For instance, the intro, conclusion thingie. What about the middle? Does it link to our articles or is the whole article copied? Doesn't google see that as plagerism? Are we supposed to rewrite any articles on other sites?
I'm so confused.

Hello when you click on CREATE A TOP LIST, you see in the text at the top a link to the editorial guidelines to know what not to talk about and also there are a few videos which show you the process..

Yes think about a typical top list like this:






It links to your article, in fact it links where you want it to link, or no link at all. As for the description it is up to you to create it, the site doesn't go and copy your article by itself. You can either come up with an original description of your article (best) or copy part of your article in the description.

We don't know what Google think of this and that, there are only speculations on SEO forums, in reality nobody knows anything about how Google works really. But yes a total copy and paste of another page into a new page doesn't get any results in 2012 :-)

The fact that in a top list you can mix bits and pieces of your articles published elsewhere means it is still original content, especially if you can come up with your own different words to describe what each article in your top list is talking about. I know it is not easy to come up with something original each time, it is time consuming, but it is also what works for getting traffic to your top lists. So it is up to you to analyse if it is worth the effort and time or if this time would be better spent improving your own sites. There is no real hard answer, but in general I think most of your time should be spent on your own web properties, because at the end of the day that's where you have total control over the form and content.

Don't be confused, really the top list is a simple but efficient format because people love bullet points and top lists, it makes it simple to follow and they're getting more value for time spent reading compared to a full length article with no simple structure.

Thanks for your help. I guess I missed the video parts. I'll catch on.
edit: Yep, the video is what I needed. Thanks!

You're welcome! I hope this discussion can be useful to new members in the future!

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