Best Review - Top 20 Best Directories for Article Submission 2011


ubmitting your blog to these directories would certainly raise the traffic rank, Alexa ranking of your blog / web pages directories rank.Some allow articles to be published instantly while the other at the beginning of review of articles before publishing online.The directories with Google Page Rank 8,7,6 are the most popular, is highly respected, and best of all online directories for publishers, writers, affiliate marketing, and bloggers. You have to write some unique items for all directories and submit one article to different directories. 10.08 Backing variants of each item presented. Be ready to write some excellent articles present only the best free classified these directories article submission for your blog as senior as you had hoped!

Once the Google PR of the home page of your website have improved, then you can start working on optimizing the ability to search for other deep links to your blog.

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Top 1


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The # 1 best article / blog directory submission in the blogosphere! His blog gets a high volume of traffic and inbound links (no tracking) through articles published in this article submission directory spam website.No allowed only genuinely accepted articles created!

Top 2


Best Review 7015

The very old (released in 1999) and the display between the websites most used and trusted for the type excellent article and best of the bloggers, freelancers and writers of articles on the website of its kind up internet.Best , / for article submission.

Top 3

Ezine Articles

Best Review 7015

This is one for the content, highly rated, and reviewed article submission website directory for bloggers and publishers.Ezinearticles is probably the directory of the best and most popular editors / writers who want to promote their own website and Blog written authoritative articles on this. This directory is primarily used for traffic and page rank of your website or blog.

Top 4

Articles Base

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Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 842

Top 5

The Free Library

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Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 4.7K

Top 6

Associated Content

Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1.3K

Top 7


Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1

Top 8

Google Page Rank:8 Alexa Rank: 69

Top 9


Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 205

Top 11

Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 815

Top 12

Seeking Alpha

Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1258

Top 13

Suite 101

Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1935

Top 14

Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 2178

Top 15

Bright Hub

Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 2564

Top 16


Google Page Rank:5 Alexa Rank: 1.5K

Top 17


Google Page Rank:5 Alexa Rank: 1.5K

Top 18

Article Alley

Google Page Rank:5 Alexa Rank: 4.2K

Top 19


Google Page Rank:5 Alexa Rank: 4.3K

Top 20


Google Page Rank:5 Alexa Rank: 4.3K

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Stock Dividend's picture

Great list man I have been

Great list man I have been looking for such a list for a long time. I downloaded a lot of lists from the net but they are all useless, i must say u have done a great job. Thank you. I found 1 while searching the list of article submission sites …check out and add your articles. Nice article site with 5 live links

Alex's picture

Good list. To bad most of it

Good list. To bad most of it is worthless now from a traffic perceptive.

Zentao01's picture

Nice list here. Thanks for

Nice list here. Thanks for sharing this breakdown the best article directories.

Novem's picture

In response to Alex's

In response to Alex's comment: Yes, it seems Google has changed its SERPS system again. Now, they're talking about over-optimization and too many backlinks.

By the way, Knol has been discontinued last May 1, 2012.
Thanks anyway for the list...

Novem's picture

Hubpages, Best-Reviewer and

Hubpages, Best-Reviewer and my Blogger blogs have been my most effective backlinks