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his top has been created because Kontera™ is excited to offer the first of several new offerings for publishers which are consistent with their vision of delivering semantic products to the marketplace. These new products are extensions of what they do today and are intended to deliver revenue and value for our publishers.

The Retargeting offering is part of their Audience Program and leverages their unique ability to understand and assess user interest via their semantic engine in order to yield greater revenues for their publishers. It is only available for their Direct Advertisers, will NOT cannibalize what they do today, and holds no technical downside (meaning no impact on page load speed).

Retargeting allows advertisers to identify users that express interest in their products or services and then remarket (display additional banners) to these same users when they are found on other sites. Kontera's retargeting presents a unique opportunity for publishers to earn additional revenues from Kontera ads that they already serve. Kontera finds interested consumers on their publisher sites and qualifies their interest by leveraging our Synapse technology. When they see these users elsewhere on the web they will show them relevant banners and share the revenues with the publisher where the user first expressed interest.

The value for the publisher includes 4 aspects that will be shown below in order of importance to the publisher, after the page break..

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Additional revenue (as much as 10-20% more once fully operational)

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Minimal participation requirements and no technical requirements

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No change to user experience

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Ability to participate in exciting growth area in advertising

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Kontera has several initiatives coming in 2011 which they hope you will participate in. To get started, there is very little to do:

1) Review the amendment to the terms of service available for download
2) Confirm opt-in to the Audience offering in the Publisher Center (under Site Settings in the Kontera Setup tab)
3) Add content to your privacy policy that includes the universal NAI user opt-out link (see suggested content here)

They also strongly recommend you add a link from every page where your site allows collection of user information to your privacy policy directly to the boilerplate language section (3rd point above).

They have created a page for you to review all the materials regarding this offering here. To log into the Publisher Center, please visit

Unless you log into the Publisher Center and select to opt-out of the program (under Site Settings in the Kontera Setup tab), they will consider you have agreed to participate in the Audience program. As a participant, you are bound by the terms in the amendment (available here) which means you will add the suggested content and link to your privacy policy.

If you choose to opt-out of the Audience Program, you must change your setting in the Publisher Center (under Site Settings in the Kontera Setup tab). However, your use of the ContentLink Service remains in effect without change; you will only be excluded from participating in the new Audience Program.

Most, if not all, future audience offerings will fit into these terms of service changes; if these terms of service do not suffice then they will provide plenty of notice and inform you of any future changes.

Lastly, Kontera wants to reassure their publisher partners that they recognize that these new services carry a great deal of concern over user privacy. Kontera takes user privacy extremely seriously. Kontera has been working for several months to make sure they are completely compliant with the privacy practices already standard in the marketplace today, even exceeding them, prior to launching these new products.

They expect to shortly become members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards for online behavioral advertising. They are also well-versed on the Enhanced Notice Initiative developed by the Digital Advertising Alliance and will make appropriate adjustments as the requirements solidify. They will provide easy user opt-outs and will not collect any personally identifiable information (something that they have never done). They also avoid any potentially sensitive information such as health related issues, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mature content, violence, disasters, etc. for retargeting and other data collection practices.

They look forward to including you in this new program and future offerings! So go for it at !

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