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No Page Views No Ctc No Rpm

I did read the FAQ here and have done everything right and did the custom channel also.
Google does show best reviewer as Active also.
I did give best reviewer access with the other google interface, on theis new one I don't see any permission anywhere I just see active.

I have been a member for awhile, just wondering about not seeing even a page view the whole time, I didn't see any from either.

Anybody have the same problem.
This is what I see:
Date Page views Clicks Page CTR CPC Page RPM Estimated earnings
Thu, Oct 20, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Fri, Oct 21, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Sat, Oct 22, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Sun, Oct 23, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Mon, Oct 24, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Tue, Oct 25, 2011 0 0 — — — $0.00
Averages 0 0 — — — $0.00
Totals 0 0 — — — $0.00


Hi, yes everybody has the same problem, it comes from adsense, not reporting correctly when there are several adsense id on a page (it reports well for the first adsense id, not for the others) not from my site.
The earnings and clicks are registered correctly, it's just a problem of reporting page views, so it makes CTR and ecpm totally wrong.. From your stats, you didn't get any click, but we don't know for how many page views..
If you want the stats, use a custom channel..

Now, let's get real for two seconds, would you? You have made a total of 2 tops and 1 salary page in one year and two weeks since you registered. That is very low even for a one week old member. Should I also mention that the kind of tops you've made are pure rubbish and should have been deleted a long time ago, why you ask?
Well firstly the title of your tops are not correct:
Top 3 You Don't Have To Spend Alot On Repairs Get Advice
Top 3 Can Your Low Fuel Light Harm Your Fuel Pump
Does it sound to you like a top list? No.
Then about the content of your tops, you have copied the same sentence for the 3 items..

That is not what is expected, so I'm deleting them now, you should redo them or if you don't want, fine.
Your salary page is totally correct, so I'm not deleting it.

Another problem is what you've put in the custom channel field, I have written an exemple "AdSense Custom channel ID ( eg: 123456789 )" to show you that the expected format should be a number and what do you write? You write "" if it was really don't you think I could do it myself?

So, now you know about the problem, but what you should have done before is read the FAQ.

So read my FAQ page, I wrote it for people like you, members of my site, thanks.

- How can I track earnings from Best-Reviewer? How am I going to get paid?

You will be paid directly by AdSense. Since your ads will be displayed 100% of the time on your tops, you'll receive money for each click on those ads. In order to track your ad impressions and earnings, you'll need to watch directly into your account, you have two choices:
- in AdSense admin, create a new URL CHANNEL and input the url BEST-REVIEWER.COM when asked for an url.
- in AdSense admin, create a CUSTOM CHANNEL, then write down the associated ID and add it in your user account on Best Reviewer.

Here is the AdSense page to review and create URL and CUSTOM channels:

If you need help in creating a URL CHANNEL in AdSense, they've made a page to explain the process:
How to create a URL Channel in AdSense
When asked for an URL simply enter nothing more.

In both cases, stats will start to show in a few hours after creation and data will start to record from the moment you created the channel, you won't be able to see what happened before. But note that with the URL CHANNEL only you may encounter a problem of page views reporting always 0 in AdSense.. If that happens, use a CUSTOM CHANNEL.

I'll change the custom channel.
I was one of the first people to join the site and didn't really understand what it was all about, that is why I had my articles on there, I'll study it and do it the right way.
I do have referral banners up and going also.


Hi, I am happy you have understood and are now ready to put up some backlinks and see what happens.

I also applaude you, because you know many people don't like to be told the truth about themselves, or at least about what they do. Like when I reviewed your posting history, I'm sure someone else than you could have replied something angry.
I take the risk, because I think if the person I'm writing to is smart, this person can take what I write for what it is, I take time to write it, so it's not like I don't care, etc.
So you're on the good side (in my opinion) of the people's reaction to the same exact thing.

I'm sure the custom channel works. I already wrote to adsense about them fixing this stupid bug of them, not reporting url channel correctly when there are several adsense id, but they ignored it and honestly I'm not going to spend anymore time on this, I have myself covered via my FAQ page and the custom channel field in user account, it's more than enough.


His site, Answerwrack, is not so bad:)

Yes, surely a good site, I am not judgemental at all. I was talking only about the stats.

Why? Because it's not the first time at all, as one could read in the forum, there has been before people complaining of not earning anything (this is not the case here) and when I checked their account there was a very low amount of tops of very low quality. is nothing magical, it's exactly the same as any other site, you need MANY pages and on topics which are popular.. That way traffic will come on your pages and you'll get earnings, that's easy to understand.

So the main topic of this thread is about the problem of adsense not reporting correctly with url channel but reporting ok with custom channel, all the rest is just smalltalk, nothing serious :-)

I was laughing personally.

I do not tend to take too much stuff on the web that seriously. If someone stole my idea, or whatever, I would probably care. However, your 'insults' James were constructive to my mind. I find it funny that people on the Internet get particularly upset even when people insult them because....the person is often on the other side of the world anyway....what could they know about your life lol?

Its strange though in that I took a look Answerwrack and it seemed to me at a glance that he should be writing articles about cars. Aka 'top 10 BMWs', then linking to pages on his site related. Just seems like he could write a lot of fairly good quality tops on that subject quickly.

I'm sure this member will start posting good tops. It's just that he registered in october last year, probably after receiving my email sent to all members, posted a couple of tops and then forgot all about the site..
Now I guess he's trying to get back to it and was wondering about the adsense stats. Now he can be reassured, and now the site has many tops and a google pagerank, so it is even better to start using it now than before.. Better late than never :-)

For the insults also, yes it's funny, better let the negative things for the real life and have only fun online :-)

Even about people copying your idea or your text, honestly I don't care, there are millions new people everyday on the internet who can come and click my ads, I don't care what other webmasters are doing and myself in the over 10 years of webmastering I've copied many ideas anyway, I have invented nothing and can't be bothered about copyright laws either, I just respect them because adsense has the rule in their TOS, but otherwise copyright laws are stupid in my opinion they are there to protect the already rich people, not the "artists" like people pretend.. Plus the copyright laws slow down the development, the advancement of humanity. Take patents like Apple suing other companies because they make products with some features that Apple paid some organisation to give them a patent..

What is the advantage for humanity in this? Nothing. The copyright laws are not like murder/theft/rape laws, it's really a intellectual property thing, I don't agree with them at all.

Yeah but to be fair about it, if I put heaps of work in to come up with a new invention and then everyone can just take it for free you are not really giving me much of a reason to invent things. It is the same with journalism in my mind. If I go over to Africa and risk my life in the middle of a Warzone to report on it, and then the article just gets spun and outranked, eventually I will not do it anymore and then no one gets quality journalism.

The other issue is that many of the copyright enforcements that happen are a matter of precedence. From a legal perspective, if a band was not cutting down on their music being pirated anyone who was pirating that music could argue they set a precedent which appeared to allow their music to be spread free and thus they are not guilty. This is the main reason YouTube videos get removed: to set a legal precedent.

That said: yeah, corporations just want to make money from them.

That's the argument I always hear, but you don't see it well, in my opinion. Why? Because you're thinking in terms of comparing. Me I'm talking about a society with no copyright laws. So for instance music.. You will have only people who want to play music.. They can have fans who buy stuff from them, in order to support them, they'll do more live concerts, etc.
Yes, there will not be any britney spear or lady gaga earning millions of dollars, that's right.. There will be left only those who do their craft by love, like there are already millions doing it..
For journalism it's the same, if someone is in love with the job, he can do it for some money, or just use their own money to do it..

So the end result would be only people who want to do it will do it. It's not because there would be no copyright law that nobody would invent anything or do anything in their lifes..

So you see, saying that copyright laws allow society to advance is false.. Humanity didn't start to evolve just when copyright laws have been invented! Do you think the wheel has been invented because their inventor could make a lot of money because he has some exclusivity by law? No, it was invented by someone with an inventor mind, to solve a problem..

That would be the same in a society with no copyright law.

The problem with such arguments is that you take the situation as it is now and then find reasons for this state to be better than without those laws..

Same with laws about drug, the war on drugs.. Now everybody does as if weed had always been illegal, this is not true, those laws and classification of marijuana as illegal drug is very recent in terms of human history, less than 100 years or so.. this is nothing on the scale of humanity.. And it brings lot of problems (don't get me started on those please, I prefer to do other things and documentation is available online about the issue)

So for me copyright laws are a pain in the humanity's ass.. but for sure they are here to stay, I'm nothing and my opinion is nothing.. I'm not friend of people in power, and their friends have an interest in those laws to stay and even get more and more strict, little by little.. Remember the lawsuits about downloading music in the 90s and beginning on 2000.. Anyway, that's fine I don't care, I continue to do like I want.. Just I respect the adsense's tos on my site, and also the rules of my web hosting.. But both have put this in their own rules, because if they don't then they'll have problems with the law, that's it, but I believe if those laws wouldn't exist, then it would be better for all.. But it's just my imagination.. In fact I have no idea what our world would be without copyright laws, I'd need a device to have a look in another dimension :-)

be patient, do some effort and tricks, money will come later or sooner. i'm in the business for years and still looking for good figures

Efforts should be done in a logical and consistent way. Don't lose yourself into many things, just build a plan of action and go through with it. This plan should be about producing content, focus on that, and not about bringing traffic.. The traffic will come as a result of your applied plan of action, but it needs to be applied daily for months in order to see good results. The hard part is not getting pushed off tracks your plan as soon as you read something somewhere (webmaster/seo forums come to mind) just apply your own logic and stick to it..
Of course make sure your logic is based on common sense, not on wishful thinking.

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