Newbie on the block ~ Helloooo :D

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Newbie on the block ~ Helloooo :D


My name is Sancheo, and I bring greetings from South Africa. I am not too sure where to start here, or what to do first, rather overwhelmed by having this account. If anybody can guide me, I would appreciate any assistance :-D

That said, I look forward to seeing my paypal account rise rapidly with this wonderful site, as I truly enjoy writing! Being a single mum of a beautiful daughter, living in one of the smallest villages in the Garden Route, I could truly do with this break! Who knows I may even find time to enjoy paragliding again, as it is my passion!

Yay, here is to Julia and I having a great means of earning food on our table!

Much Love to all you wonderful writers out there!

James, I do look forward to hearing from you!!! Haha


Wasn't too complicated :-D

Hello Sancheo and welcome!
There are 2 types of content that you can create here :
top lists :
salary pages :

As for your paypal account, it will not increase directly from the site because here we have only adsense revenue sharing so far, I was meant to add more (amazon, chitika, clickbank (via cbproads), etc) but kind of stopped half way through.
So until I start the developpement again, there is mainly the adsense revenue sharing and of course the traffic/links to whatever you want to promote on your top lists.
Some members are promoting their blog posts, or amazon products or clickbank products, whatever you have planned will work for you.
The only limit is unfortunately what is prohibited in Adsense's rules on content.

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