The new site is ready.. Same same but different :-)

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The new site is ready.. Same same but different :-)

Finally, the new site which is a partial duplicate of this one is ready! It's simply the same name with a s:
Your username and login are the same, that's only for members who registered before 21st march, the new members will have to create an account there. Same with your tops, there are all there, as well as your salary pages, only what you've posted before 21st march. If for some funny reason you'd like me to delete them from the new site, simply contact me and I'll delete your account on the new site.
You can post there your top lists and income pages. When posting a top list on both sites, try to modify the text a little bit, it never hurts to have a little diversity, you never know what visitors are searching for, a simple change of wording can make a difference.

Anyway, so here are the changes I made so that the sites are not identical:
- I moved all salary pages to the new site, deleted those here, there is a 301 redirection so traffic is not lost, but if you're using the authorized domain feature in your adsense account, remember to add or you won't earn from your income pages on the new site.
- I kept the forum only on this site.
- I changed the template and graphics with a blue theme everywhere. I have changed the text of the blocks, so the pages will have lot of differences. The images also are different, always with this dominant blue color.

From now on those two sites are different, content posted won't be the same, not the same activity, and if I add some features on one, they might not be duplicated on the other one. I have another type of content in mind that we can create collectively, but if I get around to doing it, it will be on the new site only for instance. Simply I like the template of the new one better. That's the template I'll use for my next sites since it is very versatile, here I've chosen to make it all blue, but it's easy to make it much more colorful and changes are more easily done there. Also it is a large template, whereas on this site the template width is fixed at 960px and I can't easily modify it not being a master at CSS :-)

Here are the two web traffic tracking, since the salary pages bring a significant amount of traffic, we should see a drop in traffic immediatly on and the other getting it instead..

Best Reviewer:;reloads?login=dam008
Best Reviewers:;reloads?login=dam010

Ok, I need to continue working on the new site since there are many places where I need to add a S, many urls and name of site, in the emails sent to members, etc.. But thank you again AdSense for disabling the ads by mistake on 8th march and not replying before 22nd march, that prompted me to quickly create this new site, now we can use both sites, that's always better than one in case a technical problem arises..

Members and content will be different as time goes by and there will be an exchange of traffic between here and there, so it's all positive.

By the way members, if you see something wrong in the new site, please don't hesitate to speak your mind, thank you!

Just realized about the new site when i spotted it in my adsense reports. What happens to my referred members? Do I get credit on the "s" site for all the members I brought to the no "s" site?

Yes, the membership base is exactly the same as it was here on 21st march, and the relationships about referrals too. You can log in there and see your referrals page. You're lucky to not be using the "authorized sites" list on your adsense account. Some people use it because they're scared of too many things in life.. Bad move, it is not mandatory and is disabled by default by adsense...


I just discovered in my Adsense acxount that the statistics work better for the new site. It is not required to track it by the custom channel. The new site has much more traffic than the old one and I already a few bucks from it :)

Hi, in fact the stats works for both sites now, it's because now in the new adsense interface you can see your earnings by site url, WITHOUT creating a URL CHANNEL, in fact the URL CHANNELS still don't work fine when there are several adsense id on the same page, but with this new feature introduced with the new adsense interface that everyone has access to by now, there's no need for url channel. In fact I could also remove the custom channel id from the user profile and update the FAQ, but I let it like that for now.
Also I have thought about doing the adsense revenue sharing with the new ad units code rather than asking only for the adsense id and using the old code format, it's possible to do it if in my code I check that the text copied in the user field is not something other than a new adsense code. This will allow members to have greater control over the appearance of the ads (color, font, alternative ads, etc.. also limit to text or images) and access to better stats.
But as I said this would involve adding some code, and also perhaps members needing to create an ad unit and update their member profiles. Although I could also give members the choice between simply giving their adsense id or a full new ad unit code and use old/new code format accordingly..

At the moment the work I'll do will be to advance and get the new focused sites live and working, so this won't be happening, but I thought about it and it's very well possible, I should have done it already a long time ago, but I never thought about it. It's only recently, since march that adsense disabled the ads that I have started thinking more about adsense again like in good old times :-)

About the new site, in fact there isn't "more" traffic than the old one, it's simply that on this new site all traffic from the old site for salary pages goes to this new one with a 301 redirect in .htaccess. So the traffic has been splitted in about two half, google is sending only a little traffic to the tops there since the site is new, but that will probably increase. Also since on the new site for now most traffic comes to the salary pages, the ads are paying more per click since it's about money and in US it's income tax season.. :-)

Well, I have 2 reasons to think that the old site statistics are still not correct:
- the Site URL statistics show 16 times more views on the new site
- the Custom Channel statistics show more views than the sum of these two sites (I do not use this channel on any other sites)

My pages are split around 50-50 percent between salary and top pages.

well maybe you're right i wouldn't put my right hand in this bet. but just to be sure we are talking about the same thing do you agree that we are talking about 3 things and not only 2 like before?
before there was only
custom channel
channel url
now there is a new one it is called sites it is in ad performance tab and on the left there is "sites".
that is this one i was talking about only available in new adsensr interface.

Well, the new site does not appear under channel URL statistics unless you add it. I was talking about the new Sites page which displays all the URL statstics where your ads were displayed regardless of the channels.
Just to be clear this is what I can see:
Custom channel: Best-Reviewer 563 views
URL channel: Best-Reviewer 32 views (I did not add Best-Reviewers yet)
Sites: Best-Reviewer 32 views + Best-Reviewers 522 views (the total is 554 views)

So from now on we should post the tops on BOTH sites? Is there a way to automate this?

From the moment I duplicated last month, both sites are forking, their content is not the same.
You don't have to post on both sites, you can chose one or the other or both, up to you. If you post the same top on both sites, it's best to modify it a little, but up to you too.

Saurabh Jain
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hey i can not understand how i can share adsense.plz tell me.

First sign up on the site and then come back here while loggued in and post again, as I'm not going to waste my time explaining something that simple to non-members..

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