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New but not new to IM

Hello I am new to BR and really like this site. I have been online since I've learned quite a bit from numerous other forums. This one seems to be much easier to use and having the ability to also profit makes it a "no-brainer".

Anyway hopefully I will continue my education here and maybe help others in the process.


OK Paul, welcome, but remember that time is ALWAYS better invested in your own web properties.
So it's not really a "no-brainer" to use my site, because you never know what shit I could come up with one day or another. Ask many people members of what they think about the change I've made less than a week ago. I didn't change much, I just said from now on, if you want to post on this site, $12 per year need to be paid. That's it.
Well many people don't like that and feel betrayed or whatever. OK this is irrelevant anyway, all I'm saying to you is that you should use my site only when you feel like you would like to write something, make links to other sites, and for whatever strange reason don't want to do it on your own web properties.

By web properties I mean a domain name and a paid web hosting, ok? A blogspot account or any other site's account is not one's web property as something can happen at any moment and you'll be sorry. But I think you're well aware of that since you're enjoying online "work" since 2002. Good times those were :-)

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