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New affiliate program and premium membership

I'm going to implement in the next few days a premium membership and an affiliate program.
For this I purchased 2 drupal modules and I will be setting everything in the next few days as I said.
So when I'll be done I will edit this message, but what I want to ask you in the meantime is not to bother about anything written on the site, in particular in your user account. Don't look at anything as it is just appearing but not definitive, plus there is nothing at the moment so don't buy the membership just yet if you're planning to. Just don't touch anything, that will be better! :-)

This membership will have a lot of value for sure, the price won't be above $1 per day but for sure it won't be a problem for you to pay because you'll get much more in earnings. If only for the affiliate program you'll get the membership for free easily.

One big problem I face now is that of course the affiliates modules is not linked to the referral module I used until now. So to make your referrals count I'll have to transfert them by hand to the new module and that is a pain, really! I'm trying to find another easier, automated, way which will not involve me doing it all by hand.
If I can't find it, then we'll still have a problem it is that the old referral urls will still not count as affiliates, but as referrals only.

Anyway, as I said I'm just at the beginning of setting everything up, so don't bother about anything you see on the site as long as you can read this message, thanks.

Hi, I'm confused. I know you say not to worry about anything I see on the site for a while. but I see "basic" next to my name when I didn't purchase any membership package. In fact I used to have a free premium account (or something similar) for having joined early or something. Is a free basic membership account the replacement for my earlier free premium account? And will it run out in 6 months' time unless I pay to be a member here for longer? What would happen to my tops if I didn't - or couldn't - pay to be a member here anymore? What would happen to my earnings from Adsense? Would my account be shut down?

Is there no longer a free way of being a member at best-reviewer?

Looking forward to your replies so I can clear up my confusion. Thanks.


Hello Teresa,
I have been very slow at this task because I am not focused, I'm trying to do several things at the same time, totally unrelated things in both english and french..
But don't worry about it, here is what I know for sure about the best reviewer membership:
- I have created two roles, basic and premium
- I put all existing members to the basic role
- basic role will have all the things that were available before
- all the things I'll add will be for the premium role

About the free membership, at the moment it is not active anymore, the problem I'm facing is that I'd like to make one free membership with limited features, but there's always the problem of spambots.
I don't want to put any captcha to the registration form, because those who take a paid membership should be loggued in imemdiatly upon payment.
So I'll have to find a solution for enabling the free membership while saving the site from spambots, because once they gain access to a CMS then they run all sorts of security breach hacks and attempt to mess with the site in anyway they can, it is all automated, so I must be careful about that.

About those who had premium accounts before, I don't know yet what I will do. The only difference between free and premium before was that they had one more adsense ad unit on their pages. For those who have a paid premium membership before (only a handful as it was not advertised well at all) I have put them on the premium role already and they'll have the features I'll add.

So I think I answered your questions, but you have to understand that I have not yet advanced very much at all since I made this announcement, so the prices and periods are just there as trials.. The problem is that in the meantime already 3 new members have taken the paid basic membership, thankfully no one has taken the premium membership yet.

I have to hurry up because in 3 weeks I'm going back to France for a month and a half and I'll have limited internet connection there, not all the time, so I need to complete the work on best reviewer before I fly and need to sort out everything.

I think I should refocus on one task, the best reviewer membership and features, until I finish them and then use the time left if any to do the other things on other sites, otherwise I'll end up completing nothing. :-)

Please tell me if you have other questions.

Thanks for the reply, a lot cleared up, but not quite all - sorry for the "dumb blonde questions" - so, are you saying that the old/existing members who were not on the paid premium account can remain members for free - on the basic membership role, and it will only be new members that need to pay for either basic or premium? If that is correct (free for existing members) would that be for forever, or only for about 6 months, and then they would be expected to pay for the next 6 months if they don't want to lose their account?

Also, what happens to those who do pay, say for example new members (I'm not yet sure if existing members need to pay for their basic membership, otherwise this question included them too) what happens to folk who don't pay for their next 6 months or 3 months? Will their content be removed? Or would it stay on the site and only you benefit from it in future?

3 weeks sounds like a very short time to get this all sorted so that it's not only all ready, but that it is also clear to all members what to expect/do, and I feel for you not being focused right now. Good luck!

Honestly I have not thought about all the details, but one thing is for sure I will not delete accounts or previous work done by members on the site. I think I will just put all existing member on the basic membership for as long as they want, but will put a lot of value in the premium membership so that hopefully some of them will want to try it.
One thing for instance is the referral program, I have to move the old referrals to the new one, and it will work the same (having your adsense ad and site link on the pages of your referrals) but for premium members there will be also a monetary advantage on the paid membership of the referrals, like other affiliates programs, I'll pay by paypal a share in addition to the normal benefits of having referrals, so in reality the premium membership can be free for power referrers :-)

So, no content will be removed and nothing will be lost from this move, I'll only try to put the most value into having a premium membership, but I don't know about the details right now, because I've lost focus, I have written down my ideas before so I can find it back, but the actual implementation needs to be done.

After when I get the first batch done I'll ask directly members for ideas and suggestion as to what to provide for premium members, what they'd like to have.

So far that's what I think about the move, but as I told you I'm not uptodate with what I want to do, I need to refocus so that I can know everything about it, and so I can start to write the sales page to list benefits of the different membership levels.

Thanks for the reply - it's sounding good. I was worried I would have to pay for my basic membership, but if existing members are going to be able to have the basic membership for free, that's great, and I do hope all existing members appreciate the free basic membership while new members may have to pay for it, and I hope these existing members reward you for this kindness by adding many new tops - which will actually benefit themselves too :)

Well said Teresa - thanks for your questions, they were the same as mine. Also, thanks James for the answers and for keeping the basic membership free for those of us who already have it.

I only try to combine my own interest and I put myself in the shoes of a member, what would I like to happen if I was a member. It's easy to think about the part of what I'd like if I was a member, because I'd want maximum benefits without paying. But also there are sometimes where I prefer to pay and have something that not all other have. For instance on some forums (Digital Point) I pay the premium membership and I have more advantage in my signature and also other benefits. They could have given those benefits to all, but then what would be the point of paying?
So that comes my own interest, it is to have some members send me money of course, but also in my interest and the paying members we need to have more members, even not paying.
For instance one thing I'll implement for premium members will be an additional adsense unit which will be displayed on all pages, on a timeshare basis between only premium members. So the more pages from all members, the more traffic, the better for the few premium members.
Same will be done for a 300x250 ad which will be image+link based, on all pages, in a timeshare between only premium members.

For the prices I really don't know what to do, whatever price I set it will be always too expensive for people paying and too low for me, especially since I will pay back the affiliate share of 50%.
But there should be an optimum price point, but I don't know how to find it without doing testing, tracking and tweaking. So now I've just set a price less than $10 for 6 months at basic membership and less than $50 for 3 months at premium membership.
But really the price will be a problem for me to set definitively. I have no idea, everything is too expensive when you're buying anyway. :-)

James, my question is two-fold:

1) Are the original basic members "grandfathered" into the NEW premium membership without a fee (i.e. for FREE)???...In other words, does their previous AdSense share remain the same???...

2) What happens to the original members that were "grandfathered" into the NEW premium membership, if they choose the NEW professional membership for 3 months and then decide not to renew it for another 3 month period???...What happens to their original AdSense share???...Will it be forfeited completely, unless they opt to then pay for the NEW premium membership???...

Thanks you in advance for your response...

WAHM Shelley... :)

Hello, for the naming of the memberships I have settled down to three names in this order:
- Basic (free membership, will have way less options than the normal membership from before)
- Premium (low fee membership, will have the same features as the normal membership from before)
- Professional (about $0.5 / day membership which will have the highest features, that were not available before, real money earner)

So what I have decided for existing members is they'll get premium membership for free for as long as they want, so this won't change anything. The few people who paid for the old premium membership will get the professional one for the duration they previously paid for, I think only one or two paid for lifetime so they'll get it forever.

I'd recommend you simply forget about this change until I'm ready to announce it, I'll send emails and will post a message on the forum, and other places, it will be obvious. It's better to ignore everything and then make comments when it's live, so that I can make changes depending on the feedback I get. At the moment I'm replying but it is nearly as blurry for me as it is for you, so it's not really useful, especially if I reply things you don't like, because it is not sure and can be modified later on upon getting feedback. :-)

If you haven't already, perhaps consider trying to get more people to join best-reviewer with the incentive that if they join before such-and-such date, they will be considered an existing member and won't have to pay for the basic membership when the membership options go live. You'll then have more members (the new ones) giving you content for the site, to help compensate against the existing members who choose not to pay for their membership. An ad or notification of some sort somewhere something like "Join best-reviewer before ..., ...., 2012 to get a free membership! Earn from best-reviewer for free! If you join soon. So hurry! Join now! After ...., ...., 2012 existing members will still not have to pay for their membership, but new members will need to buy their membership, so get in now, for free, and start making some money for yourself!" (just an idea) Perhaps also an email to existing members(or at least a big notice on the site) to try and get more referrals if they give the same sort of incentive (Join quickly to avoid having to soon pay for membership.) to potential new members wherever they leave their referral link.

If many new members join you would not only have more people adding content to the site, but would also have more members who may decide to pay for their membership.

Great idea!

Good idea, but the problem is I have already implemented the two modules I bought for managing memberships and affiliates, so right now it is active and no new member can register for free until I find a solution for allowing free registration (very limited membership) while keeping the spambots at bay. I don't want to have a captcha or manual approval like I did before with the "motivations' field, because that will not work well with paid memberships. I'd need to find a solution to have manual checks only for free memberships and let the paid registrations be approved immediatly upon payment, handled by the membership module I bought.

I still have to do the transfert of all referral relationship from the old module to the new affiliate module, so that referring members can earn money on the memberships of their referrals.
So eventually the referral links will change and will have to be modified by members.
I'll also try to do a 301 redirect from old urls to the new ones so that the old link will still work for a while.

It is a good idea to get new members before the paid memberships is finished, but it's too late now, and don't worry there are already a lot of members, more than 3,000 not all are active of course, but it has been 2 years already since the launch of the site, so there are members already, more than enough to make a great site, many inactive ones just need a reminder email and some added motivation, so hopefully when I get down to implement features and clean up the site ad clutter, it will motivates some to start using the site more.

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