Need beta testers for upcoming site with AdSense revenue sharing

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Need beta testers for upcoming site with AdSense revenue sharing

Hi, I'm not talking about the 3 sites I plan on launching based on the same principles as best reviewer but focused on 3 high earning topics..
No I'm talking about another site I've started working on.. I am thinking of including an adsense revenue sharing element in it but it's not the main use of the site, most people will not use it for adsense.
So my idea is to get a referral system, and for those who have an adsense account, I can display their adsense on the pages of their referrals, and also a link back ot their site.
I'd like to have several beta testers, to make sure everything is working fine (which it should) so best reviewer is the best place to get adsense publishers. I'l like people who have already referred members on best reviewer. If you have more than 5 referrals and would like to be the first, to have an exclusivity on this site, then please let yourself known in this thread..

Also this site will be used by anyone, they don't have to be in the online money making at all, and most won't be.
So you can have a head start in referring users to the site with your referral url.

I think it will take me several more days to complete it, especially since I'm going to Laos to renew my visa and will probably end up spending 2 weeks there in a hotel room, with internet and the computer. I will not do sight seeing and will go alone, so will be able to focus on the task if everything goes fine.

So anyway, if you'd like to join, say so as a loggued in user so I can contact you later on.


I'd like to beta test this.

Hubby says I can find faults no one else can find. Gosh, they got me a Mac and I've crashed that twice.


I would be interested, but I got no referrals in my Best Reviewer account sofar. I´ve never started to promote it, but I have a list (Topic:Traffic geneartion/SEO/Online Marketing) with about 700 Subscriber.

PLease tell me what you think, thanks!

I am interested in the beta test. I have 8 referrals here but I have 20+ referrals on another sites like Webanswers or Infobarrel.

Hi, I still need to do the adsense revenue sharing part, that's why I haven't contacted you yet, don't worry about it.

I would really like to do this testing for you as well BUT I only have two referrals on here. But if you are looking to have testers without that many I would LOVE to help you out!! :)

Yes you're right and anyway I don't like deadlines but for this site I've a deadline for launch which is anytime soon and no later than when I've finished my holidays here in Laos.
I haven't finished three important parts of the site which are content display and adsense revenue sharing and social/sharing tools. The rest is ok and working already. I think i could contact you now because anyway it's not finished and nothing explained so you have to use it by believing that it can be good for referrals and traffic, and about the exact adsense sharing, I want to make it more complex than before on my existing sites, I want also two levels of referral not just one, so it will have adsense sharing for 1st tier and 2nd tiers referrals. Also the social tools and sharing systems for general users (not adsense motivated, the vast majority of traffic and future users)
That's why I put those 2 parts of the site for the end, because it's not really useful for the site itself but it is VITAL for the needed initial boost at launch time. Because if I can't get lot of traffic on this site, then what will happen? Nobody will post, because nobody is posting, because nobody is posting, etc.
And the traffic growth will be slow, and added content sporadic, etc.
Only by having this adsense sharing element right at the start, will help bypass this traffic generation problem.
Once this initial phase is done, number laws will mean content will be submitted and adsense sharing becomes profitable for referrers, especially with the 2nd tier.

So anyway I should contact you, but i'd like to at least start implementing the adsense sharing system. I'll also probably display a 125x125 ad about the site on best reviewer's sidebar, maybe you'll see it before my next message.


OK, so the 5th october "deadline" is blown and now I have still several days to work on it.
Why? Because I added things as I went along, and not small things, so it took time.
Also I finally agreed to pay money to for a one year subscription at $194 (ouf!) and as a result to have proper emailing tools to contact every members at once.
Especially since with shetoldme and best reviewer members, there are over 10,000 ! So it is practically impossible to do it by hand and my web server has limitations on the number of email to send per hour (200)
So, I'm trying to import all emails into aweber, but here too there's a 2,000 emails import per day limit.. So I have 5 days to import the 10,000+ emails
After, if enough people have confirmed wanting to receive the emails, I'll only broadcast from this way, so that I can feel like I'm using the $194 I've spent! So to launch this new site, I'll make up a contest to win free memberships at the site.

Anyway, you can sign up on the site at and set up your profile, simply to understand the 2 sides of the site and simply believe that it can work even if it looks weak now with fake postings. Those are all fake postings that I will remove as new, real postings are made.

And I have opened a forum here on best reviewer to talk about all things around

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