The motherfuckers over at

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The motherfuckers over at is for advertisers and publishers.
I won't enter into details, let's just say that I've been using it as an advertiser, regularly over the last 2 months.
Everything was fine, until I needed support, then it went not fine..

What happened is that on 4th august I paid $100 to have around 40,000 traffic from Belgium and France, and instead I received 300.

Then I contacted support to have them look into the problem and refund my money into my wallet so I can run the campaign again once they've corrected the issue.

Instead of doing that, they questioned the validity of my claim, they made me send screenshots of my analytics account and waiting days between each answer. Then they said Analytics didn't record the correct amount of traffic because you sent too much traffic at once.

I then wanted this issue forwarded to a manager because I was tired of playing this game of message exchange while I'm not paid to do that.

When I finally got a manager (after I opened a paypal dispute) she disabled my account so I can't access my campaign's data anymore and I can't access the support site either. And also she told me, of course, that she would have refunded me but since I opened a paypal dispute now I'll have to wait.

Can you feel the stupid bitch from here ? I can.


So, now I go from a pretty happy repeat customer of to a disgruntled, banned, disappointed, etc, etc.
Suddenly, just because something went wrong with an campaign and I used their support system to get it resolved quickly..

Now I'm not finished with, because I still need to get my $100 back with the help of Paypal, but from now I won't use anymore because of those fuckers at the support system, including "manager" my ass.

In this article I'll copy and paste a few messages exchanged, just to keep a trace of them, I can't access the support site anymore, so I have only email copies.

Fuck for being so stupid and not valuating customership.. How much more can you screw someone asking for help in your support system ?
Someone using wants traffic quickly, when they contact you with a problem you should hurry up, not play a waiting game and trying to defect the blame on the customer.

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