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Minimum word requirement

The site looks highly unorganized - I can't find editorial guidelines. I know I saw it somewhere...

What are the minimum word requirements? I'm excited to get started with Best Reviewer...thanks!
A straightforward answer will help, or a link to the editorial guidelines..

Thanks again

There are no minimum word requirement as such, at least I have never found that. But, it is always better to write quality and informational content. Here is the link:

Well the minimum is one sentence in the introduction and one sentence in each of the first three tops. But do you really want to write the minimum? I usually try and have at least 10 in my tops because longer is better.

Welcome to Best-Reviewer, it's lots of fun!

Hey thank you both for replying to the question perfectly well, and Kaizerorama17 you're right, at the moment the editorial guidelines can be found on the right menu, under the name Forbidden content, that's not really good and I'll change that following your remark. Also I've just modified the submission form so now the editorial guidelines are very easy to find, I've also added a warning. Plus I need to continue writing on this page in order to mix with the forbidden content some of the common advise such as what to do in order to get the most of your time spent posting content here..

As for the minimum word requirements, there isn't any, maybe one letter per field on some fields that are mandatory, do you think I should set a minimum character figure of some sort?

The site looks highly unorganized that's true, but don't be fooled, it's made on purpose.. I could have done it very clear and perfect, but I made it obscure so only the best people can work their way around the site and post hence improving the overall quality of the content posted on the site... just joking :-)

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