Maintain your roof by maintaining your rain gutters

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Maintain your roof by maintaining your rain gutters

A new roof is a big investment. It’s important that you protect that investment by making sure your new roof lasts as long as possible. Though you have no control over the weather, you can prolong the life of your roof by keeping it well maintained. One aspect of roof maintenance that’s often overlooked is the rain gutter system. In fact, many homeowners don’t realize that the rain gutters are an essential part of the roofing system. Rain gutters that become clogged or pull loose from the home can cause many serious problems. Water can seep into your basement if it is pouring off your roof and directly onto your home’s foundation. It can spill over and damage your home’s fascia. But most surprisingly, an unmaintained rain gutter system can even damage your roof itself. Here’s how.

How your rain gutters can damage your roof

Rain gutters are designed to allow rainwater and melted snow to escape from your roof. When too many leaves, twigs, and other debris accumulate in them, however, your rain gutters cannot perform this vital function. That means that water can overflow from the rain gutters and back up onto the roof shingles themselves. This can drastically shorten the life of your roofing shingles and might even lead to rot. Even the roof deck below your shingles can be affected which can cost thousands of dollars to fix. If the problem goes untreated, leaves and twigs in your rain gutters can eventually decompose and turn into a kind of fertilizer where weeds, mold, and fungus can begin to thrive.

Tips for caring for your rain gutters

To avoid this happening to your home, all you need to do is periodically inspect your rain gutter system to make sure it is in working order. If you are comfortable on a ladder, you can safely clean out your rain gutters on a one story house without having to climb up on your roof. If your home is two stories or more or if you aren’t comfortable working from a ladder, you’ll want to hire a professional to clean out your rain gutters from time to time. The expense is well worth it. In addition to keeping you rain gutters free of debris, it’s also important that your rain gutters remain securely attached to your home. If your rain gutters are severely rusted or damaged, it may be time to replace them altogether. Finally, make sure that the downspouts are clear of debris as well so the water has a place to go.

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