Little Help in few things - Traffic and CTR for AdSense

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Little Help in few things - Traffic and CTR for AdSense

Dear James,

I am in confusion. and even I dont find anybody replying me if I post it in the forum. So I thought I could seek an opinion from You.

Subject: Increasing Traffic

1> James I have reached 150UV for and reached there few days back. Now search ranks for many queries are automatically improving.

2> I have opted for AdWords campaign to get some extra traffic. ( CTR in AdWords is .6 and CPC is INR 5.. ) but it is giving us some visibility.

3> But I am unable to break that 150 marks and reach 200. I am posting almost 5 quality articles daily.

I do not want to use social bookmarking to get traffic. That sucks in CPC, i figured that out. I want SE visitors only.

What are the other things I can follow to cross that limit? What extra things I can do? I have been doing some keyword research. and have trapped few block busters quite un expectantly. For example "Source code synopsis" is ranking us about 12-18. Many people are actually searching for Synopsis of Movie source code, which is High Paying. So I created a closed thread with details of that movie, it's synopsis Its download link. We are getting almost 20 visitors on that only and daily almost 2-3$ fixed from that niche. CTR for that is as high as about 18% (Know from split ad)

But rest of the Site's CTR is pathetically as low as .5% ( last month it was .12%. Can you believe this?)


Mentally I am getting completely deep into the site which is hampering my offline activity that gives me the bread and butter. But I consider this time to be a future investment. So my queries

a) How to remove my focus from the site during daily activities
b) How to break that 150 UV mark. ( page view 1473 daily/average)
c) And How to increase CTR to atleast 1%. Trying different things like split ad, changing ads etc, changing positions but CTR seems to be getting stopped there.
d) I added many general and Entrepreneurship related sections and SERP rank is improving.

Should I be worried about current performance after 3 months or will it improve with Time. Please Suggest.

Eagerly waiting for your response. Bit disturbed today!

For your traffic, have some faith and keep doing what you're doing now, you'll see that at some point traffic will start to pour in from search engine. What I have witness many times before is that google seems to cap traffic at some figure for days and weeks, even months for I don't know how they do it, but the site would receive everyday about X unique visitors, and each day it would not vary much at all, always the same figure give or take a few hundreds (for X = several thousands)
And this was despite the fact that more and more users were registering, building more and more backlinks to my site and posting dozens of new content everyday.. Still the traffic was the same..

Then suddenly, for no reason, google upped that limit and the traffic went higher, and was fluctuating much more every day and week ends. So just keep doing the posting, at some point it will be useful when google will have removed its filter on your site.

Also, about adwords, personally I would not use adwords on a site with adsense ads which doesn't also have a product or something on sale.. I've read too many closed account because of adsense arbitrage, no thanks.

About CTR being too low, I'm afraid that except for ad placement optimisation, it depends on your audience, if you're aiming at a "too intelligent" audience, then your CTR is likely to be very low.. Add that to the fact that perhaps advertizers competition is not that high, and the ads won't be as relevant as on other niches.. So the CTR will also suffer.
I mean if your audience is technical, meaning "intelligent" in the analytical way, your CTR is going to be much lower for the exact same ad placement than a site about a non technical topic.. Especially a topic with lots of advertizer competition, so that adsense can laser target the ads to the sub-topic of your specific page..

About not thinking about your site during daily office job, well I would advise quitting the daily office job, so you can focus on your site(s) all day long, but I'm aware you won't like this advice, so try your best while waiting for the day when finally you'll quit this daily office job :-)
I'm sure in a month working full time on your sites, you'll achieve the same as 6 months while working at your daily office job.. But of course it is possible only if you are totally free at home and can do what you want without getting annoyed by other people's opinions, and also if you have money savings for living about 3 to 6 months on it.. Not that you will need it to live, but because it is a security for the mind that will allow you to focus on getting your earnings to the next stage quickly, in a month or two.

Hey, don't take any of that advice seriously, ok? Just do like you feel, it's the best, no need to have any outside stress :-)

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