A little AdSense story to inspire you

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A little AdSense story to inspire you

You know, you don't need to write wonderful things at all to earn money online, that's what is fun about it, it's not work.
One simple example, if you did post everything you wrote for school or your work in the time that you're trying to make money online, for every school project or exam, or any other meaningless thing. In fact anytime you write something on the computer, you could have put this online, there would always be someone, somewhere, searching for it online. That would create additional traffic to your pages.
Of course if you produce only content in your local language, then the earnings would have been way less than if your school/work requires content written in english. But that's fine too!

For instance, my current girlfriend came from china to france in 2006 for art studies, I met her there in my city, then I taught her to use computer to make website (she's not technical at all) and amongst sites she's done are:
- greetings cards
- emails about scam (you know, the rich dad who died and now the girl is looking for someone to help her transfert her millions of dollars, etc)

for greeting cards she just produce a simple graphic (which she can do easily by taking pictures and modifying them a little) then writing a little text. This she does for all occasions, valentine day, christmas, birthday cards, death, etc.
for scam she simply publish what she receives in her email and also have a contact form where people can send her scam email they receive, also there is a forum where people can discuss and alert themselves.
Both those sites receives thousands of unique visitors daily, she earns thousands of euros each month, in last december she earned over 10,000 euros (me even more)

You see, it doesn't require lot of things, she's still a simple chinese girl who doesn't know much about computers except what I taught her, but she can now install a new drupal site herself because I made her learn it as I don't want to create for her.

And by the way she did her two sites in french because she's not good at english and is more confortable with french since being my girlfriend she learned french quickly in bed :-)
So you can see that writting in english is not even a requirement if you really don't feel confortable with it. but if you're like me, and can write broken english, without lots of spelling and gramatical mistakes, then don't hesitate to start also a site in english, nobody will mock you and even if they mock you it means they've been to your site, so that means traffic (= money)

So I hope this little story of mine will motivate you to multiply your online earnings. Don't plan on finding a job after your studies, enjoy your studies or your fulltime job if you have one now, but be sure that you can soon be your own boss and your own customer, no need to work for someone else or have to talk with other people for money. Your time should not be spent producing things for other people, but should be invested so that later on you can become even more lazy and be paid much more than any common job.


Dear James,

You are very right what you have noted above, and obviously I agree with you. Most Chineses are hard working and have good creativity skills. So, they don't have any problems to reach at their goal. But I am still lazy. What can I do? How to improve my adsense earnings:)

Thanks for sharing.

If you're lazy I would recommend you set yourself a rule only between you and yourself:
create ONE new page a day, minimum. That is anything, you could simply paste an email you wrote or received and create a page with that. But you have to do one each day.

So, when one day you don't create one page, you can of course, shit happens, then you have to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a nice, hard slap in the face. That's quick and easy.

Continue like that for 30 days. After 30 days it will have become an habit and will be way easier.

Of course don't become used to slapping yourself in the face, because if you prefer the quick and easy slap to producing the content, then it won't work!

Hahaha You surely have a unique sense of humor. Like it. Even where you're angry (like that with the one who said he's wasting his time here), you're still funny.

@james lol i enjoyed reading your comment about laziness . It made me laugh.

10,000 euros or 14,460 dollars a month! I can leave the city and have the provincial telephone firm install an Internet connection to our near-mountain house with that kind of money!
Thanks for telling this story. It surely inspires, and at the same time makes us wonder whether we'll ever reach the same level.
Sometimes I intentionally miss my sure-paid local job of abstracting to be able to write for the Internet with no assurance of earning, and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

But your little BIG story surely shows that there's gold at the end of the rainbow. Thanks James.

Lol , you again made me laugh. You taught her French in bed? =))

and amazing story James. I have been quite a prolific adsense earner the last few years - but nothing matches your story, its romance or the earnings! And I still dont know how to install a drupal site. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

Hi James,
Thanks for the story - I realize who you are because you told me you have a Chinese girlfriend. And you are right. My wife is Indonesian and can barely turn on a computer but she is making almost 1.5 million rupiah a month from posting Tops on Best Review, Web Tips on Infopirate.org and Indonesian language blog stories and bookmarks on savedit.at so you are 100% correct. But you are still a real character and great for the Internet. Thanks for making me smile today.

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