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learn from megaupload case

are you member of any file sharing hosting?
what is your opinion regarding copyright,infringement,...etc

I only use torrent to download if I need, I am not a subscriber of any file sharing site. As for sharing files with friends, I simply use dropbox and a shared folder. That's about it for my downloading life, especially since for software there are now plenty of open source software for everything so I don't have any cracked software anymore. It was not always the case, for instance in the past I used photoshop and premiere, now I use GIMP and PowerDirector, it is not an open source software but came with my camcorder. I play games only on PS3 now, before I played only on PC. Etc.

About copyright laws, well they exist, but I think they make more harm than good despite the official discourse. It's like a religious dogma, you can't discuss it as people simply thing that's the way it is so it's for a good reason. It's always the same story, there are things which I give up on discussing about because I'm not going to try change anything especially not the world, I'm here just for a few decades, before and after me things have been bad and good, same while I'm here, I do not think the world orbits around me, or that I'm immortal, so what's the point? But my life is mine, it is very short so I focus on that instead :-)

You have good point James. I'm member some of them because registration is as simple as "Login via Facebook" or similar. In fact i'm not storing/uploading much file on the site but enough with 2 or 3 files. at the end my account not active and was disable ha..ha

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