Latest referrals page: see how others are doing their referral link promotion

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Latest referrals page: see how others are doing their referral link promotion

Hello members!

Today I've made a new page which shows this month and last month's referral. It is automated, so hopefully it will update itself correctly next month :-)

It is updated twice a day and what is cool is that it shows the source URL (when it's not empty or doesn't come from so there are two advantages:
- you can have a look at other members pages to see how they promote their referral link and get some inspiration/ideas for your own promotion. Just do it. :-)
- it makes an additional backlink to your promotion page if you get a referral in the past 2 months. It never hurts I guess.

Do you have any idea on how to improve this page or anythign else on the site?

Hopefully this news fills you with joy for the day, enjoy!

Well it would be more useful if it had our usernames rather than our user number.

Yes, that one is obvious :-) It was a bit more work to get the usernames rather than the id number..
So yes, there is a possibility to improve it a little by having usernames instead of numbers so that it becomes NORMAL, because it should have been like that anyway..
I'll do it for sure, don't know when.

I love it when the PHP code turns out to be quite easy and when it works as intended!
I have replace the ugly user #XYZ by the actual username, technology is wonderful! :-)

Yes that's much better. From your statistics it looks like I might need a Squidoo account if I want some referrals.

Maybe it simply means members who are on Squidoo like to make big pages which in turns sell the readers on signing up on Best Reviewer, don't know..

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