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Just to Say Hi

Good day :)

I am a new member here. While going to prepare my first top here, I find in my profile there is a link to another new site best-reviewers.com which looks exactly the same as this best-reviewer.com. Anyone knows what is the difference between them (except for reviewers vs. reviewer of course)?

Have a nice day!

They are similar but different sites owned by the same person. You can write on one or both. Enjoy!

Just don't write exactly the same on both.

Yes we all do not want duplicate content :)

By the way, which one do you think is better in terms of site traffic or AdSense income?

Hi and welcome, the site with S is a duplication of the original site which happened in mid-march. Since this date, all new content is different on both sites. It was made following adsense banning the site by mistake for 2 weeks. And of course just days after I started moving the site to another domain they re-enabled the ads, so I went on and finished the move anyway, only now it was a duplicate, not just a move.
I've used another template and made sure to change most of the wording in the public interface, so that they will be as different as possible, but obviously it didn't fooled you :-)
So a big difference between the two is that salary pages are only on the new site and the forum is only on the old site.

Yes for human visitors they just look like the same :-)

I understand the background now. This is another example how AdSense could severely impact on the decision of webmasters. Your info also explained why I could not access the create income page (it says 'Access Denied'). It appears I need to register for the new site as well. To avoid duplicate content I think I should rewrite my bio for the new site too...

Just a friendly suggestion for James - Maybe you can consider adding chitika as another revenue sharing source to avoid relying 100% on AdSense.

Well, I am not sure that Chitika is worth using. I never made a buck with Chitika but Adsense pays well.

While I agree AdSense pays better, I am making a little more than a buck with Chitika :-)

That is why I suggest adding Chitika (not replacing AdSense) as another revenue sharing source.

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