Just made my first adsense money from BEST-REVIEWER!

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Just made my first adsense money from BEST-REVIEWER!

i just checked my adsense account and see that I have made my first money on Adsense with Best-reviewer. It was .27 so not much but another method to increase my adsense earnings. I will be making more TOPS soon!

Hi, you're lucky, knowing the very poor ad placement that there is at the moment since january..
I promise that WHENEVER I'll get around to changing the site's template, the new ad placement will be improved for CTR !

At the moment I've fought off my lazyness to work on a new site.. I have been working little by little for the past 4 days, so that's a pretty good sign, maybe I will find enough motivation to attack this long standing goal of mine about changing the best reviewer template to a much better one!

Good luck, hope you get more earnings out of best reviewer or indirectly from the links to your squidoo pages.

I put the adsense code of a friend instead so I hope he will be making money too!

congratulation, hope will increase soon. patient will be valuable


i think this will boost your motivation to write more quality contents and top 20 on best-reviewer. best-reviewer is another means of increasing your ad sense earnings. the key her is continuation

If you want to make money online forget adsense and got for CPA.

A smart move from James would be to replace adsense with CPA network here, where people could signup as his affiliates. He would make money, you would make money, but on a much higher level

Well it looks like it's going to happen, I don't know if it will be a smart move but I'll have not much choice than to move to a clickbank sharing site since adsense disabled ads on this site since 8th march without sending me any notification or explanation and since then I've sent 2 messages unanswered.. Sometime this week if they don't bother to reply I won't bother with a third message and will remove adsense from the site and add a field in user profiles for their clickbank id so I can do a clickbank sharing site. I'm sure the money will be ridiculous compared to adsense, but who knows..

Another option is to move the whole site to another domain name and hope this time adsense will notify me instead of a random member if something violates their TOS in any way.. But this option is a lot more boring than trying to do a clickbank sharing site first. If after one or two month of CPA sharing it is rubbish then I'll have to move the site to another domain and put adsense back on it.

Adsense sucks really. Sorry to say that but they have lost their mind.
Clickbank is blocked by many services because too much crap there.
You could try PeerFly (http://peerfly.com/?r=72746) or CPALead (http://www.cpalead.com/get-started.php?ref=163512) which have interesting tools too, like content blocker. As your site is free, you could make people "pay" with a bit of their time to fill a survey or sign up for some free stuff before they can post. That would probably 10x your actual income.

some people say suck when disappointed and say great when happy

Well I let the number do the talking. I know only a handful of people making more than $500/ month with AdSense, and they all have huge traffic.
I know 10x more doing $500 per day with CPA.

huge traffic don't exagerate.. Of course if they have very paying niches such as free flash games or desktop wallpapers, or forums, no wonder.. But for $500 per month with adsense you only need a mere 2,000 unique visitors per day and that's for a modest RPM of $5.
On the other hand I agree with you that a lot less traffic is required for CPA and earnings can skyrocket much more than with adsense, but then it is not the same traffic, for CPA it needs to be highly targeted and the content also needs to be written in a special way. For adsense it's just whatever content and whatever traffic, of course not in the lowest paying niches, but there are a lot of moderate paying niches and high paying niches and that's more than enough.

But yes you're right, with CPA it is easier once you get past the learning curve, which is the same story for adsense, but I feel the learning curve is very easy for adsense, not the same for CPA, but not impossible of course..

When I say I don't think a clickbank sharing will work it's also because I can see on my other site shetoldme.com for which I have give up trying to get a useful reply from adsense since december, I have put a clickbank widget with dynamic keywords related to the page, and the results are VERY poor compared to adsense. The widget is placed at the top of the site, with an adsense ad there the earnings would be 10 times more or 20 times more I don't make the exact calculus, but the difference is ridiculous.

But what is encouraging is that I did make some sales from this clickbank widget, so it is not 0% and is a sign that it could work better with some optimisation in placement and keywords and maybe more..

So yes, I'm interesting to try it fully on best reviewer, I hope adsense doesn't reply to me before the 24th and thanksfully it doesn't look like they give a damn, so chances are high :-)

The thing is with click bank, they have a lot of useless products as well. You need to handpick the products. It is much more work but also much more return. Widgets won't give you any good result for that. Also you can try the other 2 CPA websites I sent you earlier. The interesting thing with those is that you can rotate banner ads on a specific category. So you can still get your 300x250 ad space for example, very easy to implement (just copy/paste some code) and it will automatically rotate ads, but with my higher earning.
Clickbank didn't evolve much and Peerfly and CPALead offer much more options to monetize a site. Plus they can pay you on Paypal which CB doesn't. Anyway it's always a good idea to have multiple sources. But make sure that all the affiliate links are nofollow, Google doesn't like those.

Ok, I get your point. I would be more interested to try cpalead than the other because it's not the first time I read about cpalead.. Also I've read shareasale cited many times.
But anyway I'd like to know if you have an idea about CPAlead if it would be easy to use them in a revenue sharing way, for this there are only two requirements:
- that the affiliate id is easily switchable in their code (for instance it is not easy with new adsense code since the ads are generated in adsense admin and the code is unique to the ad unit, but with old adsense code every parameters are in the html code, directly editable)
- that they don't use a system of sites pre-approval and linked to an affiliate account. Users should be able to post their affiliate links to any domain name without screening first from the company. For instance infolinks and kontera ask for sites to be submitted for review, and are linked to one account, so they can't work on revenue sharing)

I understand clickbank has many low quality products, but I would like to avoid hand picking at all costs, that's my problem, I don't feel like spending hours on handpicking products, creating myself a list of keywords and associated products, and more than all having to keep this list up to date, this won't work with my lazyness, I know it so no need to fool myself.


CPALead can be quite a headache to implement, especially if you are lazy.
The easiest ones to start with are probable Axon and Peerfly.
With Peerfly you can talk to them easily too, and if you have special requirement you can always ask them.
I have an account with shareasale but I am not very keen to use them. The interface is a bit difficult.
Best thing for you would be to signup with these networks. Like take 10 minutes in a day, and signup with all. Then you can try them and rotate them on your site.
What you can do regarding revenue sharing, once you find an CPA network that you like and that suits you. Get a network that gives you a referral link (they commission you on the sales from your affiliates). Enroll Best-reviewer users as affiliate (or invite them to sign up the program under your affiliate link). Then it is very easy. Do the same as you were doing with adsense. But even better for you. If the best-reviewer user makes a sale, you earn too. You can make like 2 ads with their affiliate code, and 2 ads with yours. Or 100% ads with theirs, and even then you will earn on the volume. This is more motivating for the users as they can make more money. And for you too!

Going to have to disagree with you here. Who exactly is going to "pay" for their time by filling out a survey? People who come here to visit and end up clicking on the adsense ads? No. Don't see it.

Adsense doesn't suck. I make significantly more than $500 per month. Yes, I have a lot of traffic to my sites, but I'm publishing and offering free crochet and knitting patterns, so my CPC is EXTREMELY low (10 to 20 cents) and I'm still able to make a living with a good chunk of my revenues coming from adsense.

I do have some affiliate listings on the site, too, and I include affiliate deals in my newsletters every week as well and make a few bucks off of that. But people looking for free stuff are looking for free stuff.

I just don't see the Best Reviewer business model, as it is today, making a lot of money from CPA. There is nothing incenting more people to take specific action on this site rather than clicking absently on an adsense ad.

I will disagree on 2 points: an ad is an ad, whether coming from Google or CPA network, or Bing, Or you name it. If people click on it it is because they are interested, and then unless the ad says FREE in big, nobody can expect to get everything free.
Moreover, if you know about CPA networks, it is not just about filling surveys. Have you heard about Netflix for example? You can offer FREE stuff to your visitors, with real value, from CPA. I don't have any example for crochet right now as it is not my niche, but if you take the time digging the right info, your $500 could convert very well into higher number. If you make $500 with one site with very low CPC, imagine your return with like $1 CPA.

Yes it's always the same story, it's true.. With CPA the webmaster needs to look and find a relevant product which goes with his/her niche, but needs also to keep up to date if the product or offer goes away in a few months..
So it's more work than just copy and paste an adsense code, once and for all.
But if the right product/offer has been found, then the money will probably be higher than adsense, for the same amount of traffic (higher CPC or rather RPM)

So we all know about it. It's possible to earn much more and "easily" with CPA than Adsense, but in exchange there is the notion of workload or worktime spent on generating this revenue.. It depends on one's personality. If you're hard working then yes maybe it's better to invest your time in CPA, if you're a bit lazy, then Adsense will allow that and you can still live confortably, but don't expect way too much money if you don't have A LOT of traffic. A lot is not 10,000 unique daily visitors, it's more and more.. At 10,000 unique visitors a day in an average niche, ctr.. etc.. at let's say $5 RPM you can expect to make already a good fulltime job salary.. While not working that much at all :-)

I'll finish the second site, will implement a small clickbank sharing in both sites, which will generate nearly nothing, but anyway it'll be here for those who want it. And after I'll go back to what I was doing pre-8th march, that is slowly building the other 3 specialized sites based on best reviewer, and there I reckon CPA will work better because the sites will be about only one general topic, so it will be easier for me to make small lists of CPA products to promote.. But that is in a very long time and work hours from now, I'm leaving in 2 weeks, for my periodical trip to Laos, so I'll work from my hotel room there also, but with a very slow internet connection, so I hope I'll have done most of the work and will be able to broadcast the news about the new sites from there.. For this I need to work a little each day before the trip and most of all not to take any pause because I never know when those pauses end, but it's often many weeks after they started..

Yes, MySpace. I'm well aware of what CPA networks are. Netflix doesn't pay for leads. It pays for sign ups. And unless you have a large amount of traffic that some people (who don't already have an account) will sign up for a trial Netflix account, you are not going to make money with that.

So sorry. Nope, an ad is not an ad.

I do have an affiliate advertiser who pays "per lead" and I do make several hundred dollars per month simply from people clicking through those affiliate links, but that is atypical of CPA. The vast majority of affiliate advertisers only pay "per sale" so a Netflix ad isn't going to do squat unless you get someone to not only click through, but then to sign up. I have tried several of those sign up for free affiliate advertisers including Netflix and Upromise and made ZERO cents on them both. Surprisingly to me, too.

So I go back to my original point, if you can make money with those types of affiliate advertisers, it depends on your website and its set up.

James can do whatever he wants (obviously), but the setup and the content of THIS site...well, I'd be very surprised if he made more money on CPA than adsense. And I think it's important for people to hear the other perspective because what you said in your original post just isn't always the case.

Just off-topic a little bit, but it's true that you can also find offers related not directly to your topic, because you have inside knowledge of your audience, so I don't know, let's say that for instance, by running a poll on your site you know that 80% of those who answered the poll have a cat, so you can first offer free knitting patterns to make a funny cat hat, but you could also be aware when looking for products in your favorite CPA network that if there is an offer for a free trial of a cat food provider, you could promote that in your newsletter and about 80% will be potential takers. Same with the age, and grand children.. So by running polls about other topics than knitting you can know your audience more, and then at christmas time suggest to grand parents to get their grand kids some educational game, related to cat or knitting or video games, etc..
It was just a suggestion, it's off-topic, but I agree I will not force people to do something before posting, and one big reason is because I haven't thought hardly enough about how to do it technically on my site, how to let users post only after taking some action (and how to check that, etc..) so for sure it's probably not going to happen although I understand it could be good for my earnings, but I value my free time also :-)

Sure you can make a couple of bucks off cat stuff in your example, James, but IMHO, it makes much more sense to work on something else that will maximize your revenues.

People are coming to websites for a specific reason, but just to fill out my newsletter, I do include related things like Knitting Mystery novels, yarn needed for the patterns, and the like. Maybe I'm coming from this because I don't see how a few bucks for some affiliate sales is any big whoop as compared to what I make on the advertising? A clickthrough to my sites and browsing around makes me much more money than a few random people that might buy something. And yeah, not everything in life is free, but when you have thousands of free things and that's why people showed up to begin with, they just don't suddenly start buying stuff through affiliate links.

Yes, I was just talking about promoting other than obviously related products, by using your insights on your audience, such as the case of knitters being in majority cat owners. But it was more on the side, while looking for related products in your CPA network, you can also pick up others to promote in your newsletter, or even directly on your site if it's really a big trend such as 80% then you could have a special button with "Don't you just LOVE cats" which leads to a page with your cat hats knitting patterns, a few funny cat images and the offer for free cat food trial detailled..

but anyway, yes that's the part I don't like in CPA network, having to pick up and maintain affiliate links, but if someone is not bothered by this, I'm sure there is a lot of money to generate from affiliations, but it takes a different approach than with CPC with the work online. It's more suited for hard workers I think, like those who play with trading, they need to be at it a lot I think. Affiliate programs would suit them.

It has nothing to do with who is hard working and who is not, James. The work is simply different.

In any event, just to illustrate my point for MySpace, here's the last newsletter I sent last Monday:

The newsletter was sent to 147,351 subscribers.
To date, 37,809 contacts have opened the newsletter 48,836 times.

Click stats examples:
Bedspreads and Tablecloths: 7,045 clicks
Free Crochet Bedspread Patterns: 4,940 clicks
Free Crochet Tablecloth Patterns: 3,292 clicks

The mystery series links go to pages on my websites with affiliate links. Click stats for the book series:
Reap What You Sew: 159 clicks
The Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries: 102 clicks
Actual sales at Amazon = 7 books

That free sewing image is an affiliate link which I get paid by lead: 205 clicks

The simplicity image is an affiliate link. 77 clicks
Result: No sales

The Joann images at the bottom are affiliate links: 446 clicks
Result: 7 sales

My point is that I made a helluva lot more money off of adsense from that newsletter release than those piddly few sales.

These results are representative of every newsletter I send and daily traffic I get outside of the newsletter.

I really appreciate everyones comments!

James - you must have got Adsense reinated because I see I made .29 yesterday. Now I need to make some more TOPS!

Yes it's been re-instated about 2 weeks and 2 (or 3) emails after the disabling.
It's good that they re-instated adsense on this domain and it's also good they disabled it because I started to move the site to another domain name and now there are 2 similar sites instead of one.. :-)

Mine approved 3 months back , hopefully will cashout my first payment 100 dollars waiting for the day

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