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It's Me; Sam Antone

Greetings! I subscribed a while back, but I'm just now getting seriously involved. In my profile, I put down that I write articles at HubPages. Is that legal? Also, I'm wondering if it's legal to name my first Top "My Top 10 Articles on", where I list those articles that either have the highest current ratings, or the most visitors, or both. It's an attempt to get more readers for my AdSense earnings there, so I don't know if it's legal. What say you?

Hello and welcome, yes that is legal :-)
If you want you can do all your tops about yourself, I mean about articles you've written elsewhere before.
Just look on the right column on the top members in number of posts, often they link to their own content elsewhere on the web, on their own blog or on other revenue sharing sites.

What I'd like you to respect is the few rules I have mentionned on the page "editorial guidelines" because they are made for the benefit of all members, yourself and myself included :-)

Read you later!

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