It's Been A Long Time...

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It's Been A Long Time...

Wow. It's been a long time since I wrote any articles on this site. I had forgotten all about it. That is until a couple of days ago when I noticed that out of the blue, I earned 21 cents from AdSense on Best Reviewer. I was surprised.

I had to come and check out the sight again. I'm glad the site is still up in spite of the drop in traffic, and Google's pandas, penguins, and other algorithm updates burying our tops reviews in the search results.

The site looks nice and I see there are a lot of changes, i.e. we can use our Amazon affiliate code and Chitika? Perhaps, I'll write on here again. We'll see.

Hi, the main problem (apart from google penalizing the site of course) is that I have been very bad maintaining or going through anything with this site..
I have been focused for a long (too long) time on french affiliates marketing..
It was a very long shot, first I tried at affiliate marketing in english and then I set myself to first succeed in french, then expand to english..
About a year and a half has passed since then..
In the meantime I coded lot of things for expanding the revenu sharing code on best reviewer but once again I kind of stopped before it was completed.
Now I will get back to it and finish it..
But I have always had the same speech, and see what happened..
But I'm not abandoning the site as long as it is working..
I have been improving the french version of this site ( so when I'll get back to focus on best reviewer I'll make it benefit from the new code and features I have made for the french version..

Anyway, I hope everything is going fine for all of the members here.. I know many revenue sharing sites have been penalized over the months/years, but thankfully there is now social media to count on for traffic, not only almighty Google :-)

And I hope all of you have also built your own web properties by now, because using other sites is good, but we can trust only ourselves, and if you're like me, even trusting oneself is no guarantee that things will be done :-)


I also did not login for months and now I found that this year I earned around 50 cents from this site. It is good that it is still here so I created 2 new pages :)

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I had an account here with one Top and one Salary. I had a link to my Top from one of my articles at HubPages and just discovered that the link was tagged as broken. When I came to this site I was unable to log in, and there is apparently no record of my account. What happened?

Hello Gina. I have no idea what happened. Usually, members with at least one content on the site should not be deleted automatically by the system. Can you remember what was your username on the site, and/or what url were your top and salary pages? So I can try to look for them on the site.

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My username was Gina145. Unfortunately I don't think I have the URLs of my pages.

The only two users with "gina" in their usernames are "OriginArtz" et "original"..
So I really don't know why your user account has been deleted and how..
It's been a long time I haven't been caring about this site seriously.
So please do not register again because the registering system is going to go away.
When I'll get back to care about this site again, I will remove this registering system and probably make it free again. I don't know yet because it is some time away still, but if you plan on registering again, please write down a note in about 2 months from now, not before.
Thank you and sorry about that again, I have no idea why you don't have your user account anymore.

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