Is It Adsense-Wise to Refer Readers to Other Sites When Answering Comments?

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Is It Adsense-Wise to Refer Readers to Other Sites When Answering Comments?

When answering questions on my blog, there are many times when I know I can help more the reader if I just provide the URL to another website, but I hesitate (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't) because I think I'm just ushering the reader out of the door. I also feel I'm giving too many outward links. Are my concerns correct? Should there be a limit to outward links? Thanks a lot.

Hello, for me absolutely not a problem. You know all that counts is to get a visitor to come on your page, that's it. If this visitor won't click on an ad for any reason, it's not a problem. On 100 page views there is going to be clicks on your ads, if you have a good ad placement. So your only focus should be to attract most visits, be it because your title and content is compelling, because you provide links that will make visitors come back for more. Whatever you do right to increase your overall number of page views is adsense-wise. All other considerations don't matter, once a new page view is done 100 times the work is done, you'll get clicks.

Thanks, James, i hope the readers come back ...

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I'm doing a games shop for your entertainment. and the adsense ads. now I want to discuss with you offline.

I don't understand what you mean by discuss with me offline, but phoning me is not possible, I have a horrible french accent :-)
Anyway, games is not a good niche for adsense because the CPC is usually very very low, so you need really tons of traffic.. And competition is high also.

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