Infolinks new referral program is a bad joke

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Infolinks new referral program is a bad joke

Really a bad joke on its publishers..

Here's the deal they introduced :
You refer a friend (friend in the facebook sense, that is anybody online) to infolinks, this person signs up and put the code on his site.. Everything is fine for 2 months..

After 2 months of your friend being an active infolinks publisher (meaning he hasn't been banned and the code is still on his site) then whatever he earned with infolinks during those 2 months, this amount is doubled.
Same for you, after you've refered this friend and he is still active after 60 days, then your own earnings for the last 2 months are doubled. Isn't it great?

Well not really.. Although it's always good that some earning are doubled, all the rest about this is lame.

First, for it to be interesting for you, you'd have to refer 1 active publisher every 2 months. So you can double your own earnings every months..
If you refer 2 or more friends during the same period, what happens? Nothing more.. Your earnings will still be doubled and not more..

Secondly, you don't earn anything on your referral performances, and they stop being your referal after 2 months anyway. Yes, this referral system is not based on your referrals performance, and it is limited to just one referal every 2 months.

How lame is that really?

They want us to celebrate that crap? Not me sorry, oh maybe it's better than nothing, but we had nothing anyway with them for ages, so better keep it that way, no referral program rather than come up with such a one-sided scheme.. It's all benefit for infolinks, and you're being stolen anyway, because if you bother to write an article on your blog about how great infolinks is and you get 10 referrals, and 5 of them are still active in 2 months, your earnings will be doubled for 2 months only and not 10 months.

Anyway, I don't want to talk more about it, if you're reading this and you're not yet an infolinks publisher, I can advise you to get in their program like I advised you before, it is just an added earnings, such as chitika linx and kontera (look them up also on google) it is exactly the same thing.. For the best earnings you have to register on them all and make your own test for your site.

But to advise you to join infolinks I won't use the referral stuff because it is so lame, shame on you infolinks, really, I would have prefered a simple 10% for life based on my referrals earnings. Even 5% who cares, but for life and for each new publishers. Instead you came up with.. this? Better do another ipad contest...

Refer a Friend for Double Earnings!
March 13, 2013

Double your Infolinks earnings!Doubling your Infolinks income has never been so easy – all you have to do is refer a friend. While St. Patrick’s Day is originally Irish in its roots, the festivity-filled day is open to all those in a celebratory mood and we certainly are! Infolinks is leading you right to a pot of gold under the rainbow and all you have to do is refer a friend for both of you to receive double earnings.

Write a blog post, share on Facebook or send a Tweet. Whatever you do, get the word out to your friends to join Infolinks and we’ll reward you both, without even checking to see if you’re wearing green! Once your friend is referred, approved and activated, he/she has to stay active for at least 60 days and the both of you win big. Infolinks will double your earnings for the first two months following your friend’s activation. If your friend joins on April 12 and is active for at least 60 days, at the end of that period, we will retroactively double both your earnings for May and June.

Your friends will have plenty to choose from. Infolinks offers an expanded buffet of ad units ready to be customized to tailor-fit your website. Our different solutions range from our tried and true InText to our brand new InFrame. Each product delivers relevant ads to your readers based on the content you write. Overcome banner blindness to increase user engagement on your sites.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. When signing up for Infolinks your friend needs to write St. Patrick’s Day and YOUR Publisher ID (PID) in the comment box, like this:

St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that simple. The rest will take care of itself after your friend is approved and stays active for 60 days. You have until April Monday, April 15, 2013 to refer a friend!

Have a very lucky and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

See, it's not a referral program, it's just a small thing where your referral have to actually enter something by hand, you can forget about it if you don't do it yourself on their computer, see, open an account for your mom, put one of your blog on her account, let it there for 60 days and double your money, end of story.. Nothing interesting, you can forget about it.

Infolinks! Stop that, when are you going to make your referral program public? I know you have one but it's secret!

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Hi James, this is Pamela from Infolinks. I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with our St. Patrick's Day Refer a Friend promotion. Please note that this is not a regular referral program, this is a promotion that ends on April 15. You will be credited for referring one friend. If you refer 10 friends your earnings will be doubled only once. We do, on the other hand have a regular referral program that is open year round. It's not secret and there have been no attempts to make it secret. Anyone who asks about out referral program is emailed its guidelines so I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. This promotion is a great way for our publishers to earn double earnings for two months and we've had great feedback so far. Best of luck.

Hi Pamela, don't worry about my post it is nothing really, I'm just commenting on anything-infolinks when I feel like it, but nothing more to that really :-)

Also for your all-year-round referral program, why not making it public, that is integrated in publisher interface once and for all, so that the terms are clear and visible to all. That way I'll be able to comment on them too :-)

Anyway, about your promotions and the different contests you do regularly, I can only say good work for keeping things alive and fun. That's the spirit! :-)

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