Infolinks Android and iPhone App to check earnings on the go

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Infolinks Android and iPhone App to check earnings on the go

Hi, Infolinks has released mobile apps for the two main mobile platforms (yes, let's keep on ignoring Windows Mobile and the others... which others?) Android and iOS.

The download links are:
- Android:
- iOS:

I've tried it today on my Samsung Galaxy Note and it is ok.. But I guess it needs to be improved, like adding many things from the Infolinks website, like their posts..

But honestly it is a good app to have. I also have one to recommend for Clickbank called CBAPP and one for AdSense called AdSense Dashboard.

I've looked for other apps for other networks such as Chitika, Kontera or Peerfly, but I haven't found any so far..

So congratulations to Infolinks for coming up with this App!

Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing the news about our mobile app with your readers! We're pretty excited about. Check out our latest blog post to learn how you can enter to win an iPhone 5 by downloading the app.

Happy blogging,
Pamela :)

Hi Pamela, I know about the iPhone 5, but it's not by downloading the app as you say here, but by twitting about it, I know that, but being in China for a few weeks I don't have access to Twitter (among many other things) and I'm not bothered to look into ways to bypass their stupid filter (VPN, proxies, etc.)
Plus I don't want an iPhone hahaha.. You should offer something else that is not Apple, too, otherwise it's like you're endorsing Apple only, so why even bother building an app on Android.. :-)

Hi James, thanks for your reply. Actually, in order to be eligible to win the iPhone 5, you must first download the app, and only after, tweet about it on Twitter. Please see our blog post for all of the details. We don't just give away Apple products as prizes, we've given away Androids before too, as well as gift cards to the Google Play store. The iPhone 5 is a very hot topic right now, so that's why we chose it. Thanks again and happy blogging!

You're right Pamela, downloading the app is mentionned :-)

Tweet Us to Win an iPhone 5

To celebrate the launch of this handy mobile app, in proper Infolinks style, we want to offer you a fabulous prize! To participate, simply download our new app to your Android or iPhone, and Tweet Us with the hashtag #InfolinksApp. We will randomly choose one lucky publisher to win a brand spanking new iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5 has not even been released yet! But you will be the first of your friends to sport the hottest new phone, which is expected to hit the market later next month.

So get to it! Add our new app, Tweet us and share the good news with your friends and networks. Pinners, Tweeters, and Facebook Friends alike should be enjoying the convenience of Infolinks’ Mobile App. We will announce the winner on September 12, so start Tweeting now!

I come back to Thailand at the end of the month, so I'll have time to send a tweet about it :-)
There's another hot topic at the moment it is the Samsung Galaxy S3, so why not draw two winners this time? You could have one big advertizer even sponsor the gift :-)
I have the Samsung Galaxy Note and it is very nice, the big screen and good resolution is really a minimum I think so that the phone can act as a mini tablet.. And the Samsung Galaxy S3 is just a little smaller but has the same resolution, no s-pen but it's not that useful anyway and for the rest of the features the Galaxy S3 is equal or superior to the Galaxy Note.. So that is certainly a nice phone especially since the sales are good it means the S3 will receive more updates in the future than my galaxy note :-)

But if I win the iPhone 5 I could then make a contest here on so yes I'll make sure to tweet about your app when I come back, I made a reminder of it using the ASTRID app on Android, good app too.

Hi James, thanks for the reply. Adding the Samsung Galaxy 3 is a nice idea, it's a great phone! We're going to stick with the iPhone 5 for this contest as it will be the newest phone to hit the market when it does. We've given away Androids before, so stay tuned for other contests, an Android may be the next phone give-away.

Thanks for your support and keep up the good work :)

I've just twitted about it:

I've finally got fed up of their China firewall and downloaded the TOR browser, which you can find here:
And since I'm browsing from China where they actively block TOR servers, I had to add in the settings some non-public bridges:

With that I can access all banned sites such as * or youtube, twitter, facebook, gmail attachements, google docs, etc..
It's only a little bit slower, not a big deal. :-)

I can't believe it!

I won the contest and the iPhone 5, I can't believe it!
Thank you so much Infolinks!
Here's their tweet announcing my victory:
A big congratulations to the Infolinks Mobile App Competition winner - the winner of a brand new iPhone 5! @MyMotheringPath #InfolinksApp
I don't know why they forwarded this message to @MyMotheringPath too, but I don't care, I'm so happy to have won, such a great news!

Hi James, this is Pamela again. Unfortunately we only have one winner for the iPhone 5, though we'd love to be able to give out more. The author of My Natural Motherhood Journey won the iPhone 5 this time around. Thanks for participating, we appreciate it!

Hi Pamela, I know, I posted about it on the day of the result:

But that's fine, I never wanted an iphone 5 and if I had won it would have cost me delivery money if I was to do a contest for my members, and then one of my member would end up with an unwanted iphone 5 and would have to do a contest on his blog, etc.. never ending story.. :-)

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