If you want to be paid by AdSense each month for years to come follow my 4 weeks method..

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If you want to be paid by AdSense each month for years to come follow my 4 weeks method..

Yes, if you want to be paid by AdSense each month for years to come follow my method, otherwise just keep doing what you've been doing, obviously it works perfectly..

I've uploaded the method as a PDF file if you like it better I also added 4 pages (a table per week) that you can print out and use daily, it will help you keep track of where you're at and take notes more easily:

I'm talking about/to people who complain that they're trying hard and not making enough money with AdSense, well to you I say stop right there, I offer you a personal, exclusive method of 4 weeks. It's like a fitness program, you simply have to follow it, imagine you have to do it otherwise you'll be killed, then you'll see that it's not that hard, just need to keep motivated for 4 little weeks, that's 28 days, are you worth it or not?

A bit of warning, don't take offense about my tone, if you think it's arrogant or whatever, because firstly I couldn't care less and if you're offended and don't trust me because of that then you don't deserve to be successful anyway, grow up, welcome to the real world. I'm just direct and I'm not abusive, ok? I just am not a native english speaker, so I have a very limited vocabulary and for the tone it's because I'm a bit fed up reading people complaining when it is really simple to be paid each month by adsense, that's only $3.3 per day, you can't live confortably anywhere on $3.3 per day... You should do several rounds of my 4 weeks method if you're starting really low in your adsense earnings..

I hope you have time because it's going to be quite long to read, but imagine how much time I've spent (wasted?) to write it, so don't whine please.. :-)

To receive a payment by AdSense at the end of next month you need to have earned $100 during the current month. $100 a month is roughly $3.3 per day. Assuming you have a CTR of 5% and an average CPC of $0.1 you need about 30 clicks or 600 ad impressions which is about 400 unique visitors per day (I'm simplifying a lot because it doesn't matter)

So anyway, you see that getting 30 clicks on your pages every day is very easy, but at two conditions, you have to get the required traffic to your pages and so you need content that will attract people to your pages and secondly you need a correct ad placement so the CTR will easily reach 5%.

So to make things very simple I'm not going to explain everything about the thinking, because I have already talked about it before in my blog and also because it doesn't matter I should get started with explaining my sure method to achieve this simple goal for every months to come.

You have to know that it will mean "working" every day for 4 weeks, but maybe just one hour a day. Can you do it really? If not, stop reading honestly you'll never earn anything, continue what you're doing it's perfect.

So from now on I'll only describe my method and not say why, if you have questions post them in the comments, and also perhaps one day I'll take my method description again and paste it into a new blog post with more details about the why and how this works...

What you need:
- some place to post your content, preferably your own web property (I mean a proper domain name and webhosting, with a CMS installed such as Drupal or WordPress) but if you don't have that you can use my website (Best Reviewer) or blogger, but that is weak and you should be ashamed of yourself. The best advise I can give you is to buy yourself a proper web hosting at Dreamhost ($8.95 per month) which comes with a free domain name, after on the same account you can have more sites with their domain name and you don't pay more (except for the domain name itself, $9.95 per year if you buy it at Dreamhost).. If you don't yet have a web hosting and are not dumb and want to follow my advise then you can use the promo code JAMESCOLIN (when they ask for it on the order form) that will give you $50 off your order. So in fact you're not paying $8.95 per month..

- know the basics of Google Insights: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#

- install Google Analytics on your site (that's why it's best to have your own proper web hosting, but you can still put it on some places such as blogger, but some don't allow that, bummer!) here's the url for Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/

So, in Google Insights you have several categories:
Arts & Humanities
Beauty & Personal Care
Computers & Electronics
Finance & Insurance
Food & Drink
Home & Garden
News & Current Events
Photo & Video
Real Estate
Social Networks & Online Communities

That's 27 categories, it's handy because my method takes 4 weeks to complete, so that's 28 days, you guessed it, 1 category a day and one day for something else that will involve using Google Analytics, I'll tell you at the end. You can repeat my method every month if you want, but you don't need to, doing my method one time will allow you to receive minimum $100 every month from AdSense, but if you do it again then that will be $200 per month minimum until you die or remove the pages totally from the internet.

So the method is quite simple, I take the category SPORTS as an example and from that example you'll have to use your brain a little bit, it's the same for all categories, remember you'll do one category per day.

So you go to Google Insights and you don't put anything in Search terms input box, you let it empty, on the right you have 4 dropdown lists which default at:
Web Search
2004 - present
All Categories

Change it so it looks like:
Web Search
United States
Last 12 months

press the button Search on the right. OK, on the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the two lists "Top searches" and "Rising searches"..
For the purpose of this demonstration I'll show you what I get at this moment, it will surely be different when you'll do it yourself, because it will be in the future compared to me (duh!) so:

Top searches
1. football
2. basketball
3. nfl
4. golf
5. sports
6. baseball
7. nba
8. soccer
9. espn
10. club

Rising searches
1. super bowl 2011
2. fb
3. packers
4. bulls
5. giants
6. steelers
7. nba
8. super bowl
9. twitter
10. cricket

The goal will be to choose 1 keyword from each list, so make sure you use your brain and show some creativity here.. First rule to help you, if one keyword is present in both searches, pick this one as the first keyword, so here we see that NBA is in both lists, so I take NBA, then for the second one I would also take another word present in both lists but there is none, so I'm free to choose anyone of the keywords in the two lists, of course you want to choose one nearest to the top of the lists. So I'm making a choice now, I'll pick FOOTBALL.

So now I write down NBA & FOOTBALL that's my first couple.

Now you go back to the top of the page and repeat this process by changing only the period/date, instead of Last 12 months you do it with Last 90 days, you pick one keyword in each list and once more with Last 30 days.

Don't take the same couple of keywords, that is now you have 3 couples of keywords, in my case:
Last 12 months: NBA & FOOTBALL
Last 90 days: GOLF & PGA

Now, go back to Google Insights again and this time you'll enter something in the search terms. You can put up to 5 search terms, sometimes with 3 couples of keywords you'll have 6 different keywords, but sometimes like in my case you have less, so I can save a few seconds by doing it all in one time and input my five keywords in the Search times input boxes:

And then set the dropdown lists as follow:
Web Search
United States
2004 - present

Press Search button and scroll down to the bottom of the page..
Now you need to listen and understand, for each keyword you'll do the same as before, pick two keywords (often they are keyphrases, that is 2 words or more, but there can also be single word keywords) one from each list, if some keywords are in both lists, pick those. If there are numbers in the keyphrases, pretend they don't exist, that is for instance for NBA I get "2010 NBA DRAFT" if I pick this keyphrase I will consider only NBA DRAFT without the year, that's what I mean by using your brain a little..

So I do this process and here are my results:

So, now we're done with the keyword research, really.. here comes the "hard part" of my method, yes you have to create 3 pages on your site, you can't copy & paste and if you know nothing about the keywords then you'll have to do a little research to at least understand what the acronyms mean.

Write 500 characters minimum (that's characters not words) piece of text about those topics, here's how:
Come up with a title which include the couple of keywords, then write a text by using the 4 keywords per couple as well as the couple of keywords. Short example for my first couple of keywords:

TITLE: Is football better than NBA for TV?
TEXT: I watch a lot of sport on TV and yesterday I found myself asking an old buddy of mine: "what do you prefer watching? Football or NBA?"
He then came up with an interesting theory, that college football was far more superior to any ESPN match on TV because of the length of the number of players and the action.. The fact that those NBA Draft guys are so tall and the court so small make for too heavy TV action with wide angle and zooms, it gives him headaches. Instead the football schedule is very easygoing, well he ended his theory rather confusingly and we then talked about something else..
What do you think guys? Do you prefer to watch NBA or Football on your big screen TV?

OK, I just came up with this text without any effort, I know absolutely nothing about basketball and football, I didn't do any research, but you should, I still don't know what means ESPN, I suppose it is an organisation, and I'm not an english native speaker, so it shows a lot I'm sure, but what do I care seriously, all my keywords are inside and it's good to go if I'm really lazy, if not for a real website I would make a little more effort, look, the same text with keywords in bold:

TITLE: Is football better than NBA for TV?
TEXT: I watch a lot of sport on TV and yesterday I found myself asking an old buddy of mine: "what do you prefer watching? Football or NBA?"
He then came up with an interesting theory, that college football was far more superior to any ESPN match on TV because of the length of the number of players and the action.. The fact that those NBA draft guys are so tall and the court so small make for too heavy TV action with wide angle and zooms, it gives him headaches. Instead the football schedule is very easy-going, well he ended his theory rather confusingly and we then talked about something else..
What do you think guys? Do you prefer to watch NBA or Football on your big screen TV?

Now, you do this work three times and you're done for the day.. You can do more, and in this case you can choose more couples or more keywords per couple, but don't burn all your energy, it's better to do 3 pages a day for 4 weeks rather than doing 10 pages per day for 3 days and then stop before finishing all the categories. Plus by doing only 3 pages a day, you can allow yourself to write more text per page, more is better. My small text is not enough, I don't know how many characters it has, maybe 500, but 500 is really a minimum and you should know that the more there is the better, simply make up a story and find an angle to talk about the topic that Google Insights gave you for today's category.

I hope by this time you have completely understood what is your daily work, if not then you seriously need to write in the comment box below and ask a clear and precise question so I can help you understand..

I recommend you set up your site, the categories, and when you're ready you star with the first category Arts & Humanities and write your 3 pages and put them in the Arts & Humanities category of your site. Then share those 3 pages on social media, at minimum you should have a facebook, google plus and twitter account and like/+1/tweet each one of your 3 pages. If you have time left you can digg/stumbleupon/delicious/reddit/etc.

Don't do anything more, don't comment spam or forum spam. No! Just rest, enjoy what is left of your day and wait for tomorrow and start the Automotives category..

Can you do that for 27 days straight? Then what do you do with the 28th day? Easy you open your Google Analytics account and look at the search engine referrers. You want to know what search queries your visitors used on Google in order to come to your site. Granted most of the queries will be for pages that you've done earlier, you might not see queries for the pages you've posted on the 25th, 26th or 27th day, but it doesn't matter, just look at those queries and then take 3 amongst the top 10 queries and create one page for each one with the title having the exact query and the text being an explanation, or anything else, here again you can be creative, repeat that query several times in your text..

You're done!

Look at your adsense account and tell me you're not SO HAPPY, I dare you! :-)

You can then take some rest, relax, enjoy, and maybe start another 4 weeks round to increase your daily earnings even more, by that time honestly it will have already become an habit and the daily chore won't feel so difficult. You may even like it, you masochist! Also you can admit that by now you've learned many little different things that you didn't know before, so you can write better texts in the next round with more ease than on the first round.

Honestly, I don't believe anyone reading this will have the balls, faith, motivation, whatever you want to call it, to actually apply my method.. But if you've done it, please comment and give me your results and a link to your site where you have posted all your pages. There should be a minimum of 28 * 3 = 84 pages optimized for popular keywords in 27 categories. If you don't have that to show, don't bother writing in the comments, I don't want to hear about you. Really. :-)

Just joking, come on write whatever you want in the comment, it's the same price!

Thank for the tips James. Is very inspiring. I'll definitely try that out.

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Wow this sounds like a nice plan, but it actually works? I mean, statistically, can you actually make at least 50$ a month (and every month after the first) with Adsense doing that plan just one month? I might just get into it, because is not that much work for a month, and it sounds like a solid strategy.

But won't Google see the site like a content farm if you have content about so many subjects?

Wow, that's a serious challenge. I may try it... we will see...

Yes don't worry it works for sure. If only for one thing, this will allow you to just follow a program, so you don't have to do much thinking about organisation, because it is already layed out for you, you simply have to use your brain to follow and stick to the plan for the duration of it.
That's what is good about plans is that once you know about it and the tasks, you're simply an executer. It helps removing the guessing work and worry, not being sure if what we're doing is in the right direction or not, when will we see results, etc.

This method gives you a simple plan to follow and by using google insights in a different category everyday you'll have topics to write about that you didn't choose (well you can chose them a little when doing the keyword picking, but it's a limited choice) so that it's also a kind of a writing challenge if you enjoy that, and honestly you should like writing before you embark on that 4 weeks journey..

As for the question does it work, in terms of AdSense money, well of course it does! I give the $100 a month figure but it's a bare minimum. remember you'll be creating content about popular topics, topics that people are actually searching for online right now, each page will have potential mass appeal value.
After of course the actual pages you'll create will depend upon the creativity of the individual writer, some are talented and can write a lot of quality with ease, other like me can struggle to write basic correct english gramatically and don't have a large vocabulary.. I don't know your personal situation in this matter, but for everybody this method of creating content will always be much better than what you've been doing in the past, writing about topics you like, yes but maybe only you and a few thousand people like it, maybe your topic doesn't have mass appeal value.. And for adsense earnings mass traffic from non technical people is the best..

Now will adsense see your site as content farm since you have 27 categories? Well no, you should create those categories in your site and classify each 3 pages you make per day in their category. Then on your site you can simply present yourself as a man of renaissance, who like to touch lots of topics with an open mind, etc.. Make up a story, your site doesn't have to look like a content farm since every page will be created by yourself, showing creativity and your individuality is recommended! Don't be ashamed, it's not a trick, a black hat method or whatever, it's simply an exercice of writing, it's good for you at several levels when you think about it.

But don't think too much and get started, then see you in 4 weeks and tell me it didn't work, hahaha!

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wow thanks james for taking your time to write that great response, very complete.

Now I have another question: Do you need to do any promotion of your site or can you just make the site with all those pages and expect backlinks to come? I really HATE promoting but if you tell me its necessary then I'll do it, I just want to know if it'll be worth the headaches haha

I don't recommend spending time promoting your site, at least not during the 4 weeks period.
The only 2 things I can think of that can be interesting traffic-wise and don't take up too much time, is that daily, when you're done doing the 3 articles what you can do:
- create a top 3 articles in category XYZ on best reviewer, use title of the articles in each item title, use a small part of your texts in the item description and of course include their urls. That will allow google to index your new articles faster and also since it's on best reviewer you can still get paid for this page too.
- share your articles on social media, I think only the 3 main networks such as google +, facebook and twitter are enough, but also make sure that you use AddThis.com widget at the top and bottom of your articles on your site, to make it easy for visitors to share your article on social media if they wish (happens rarely, but you want to make it easy for those that could share it)

That's what I can think of, I would say site promotion needs to be limited, for me, all the time you don't spend on promoting your site, spend it on improving the quality/lenght of your articles and on relaxing, enjoying.
Where would you want to promote it to anyway? Blog commenting? Forum spam? Pff.. that's tiring, everyday I delete comment spam here on best reviewer and when I publish some their url is removed anyway, I just keep their texts for the keywords they add to the page (when they're on topic) but don't be like those, just appreciate your free time out of any promotion, it's google's job to find your articles and show them to their users. :-)

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Thanks for your response, I agree, most of the my time should be used in improving the quality of the articles and the site, especially now we're post-panda. Thanks again for your advice.

I've uploaded the method as a PDF file if you like it better I also added 4 pages that you can print out and use daily, it will help you keep track of where you're at and take notes more easily:

It'll add the link to the top of this discussion too. I also made a ebook cover for the occasion with a free online tool: http://www.myecovermaker.com Note that I've been careful to choose only free, simple options to create the graphic and so it's free and done in 2 minutes!

Danny Garcia wrote a blog post about my method here: http://www.dannybuntu.com/2011/08/insightful-adsense-tips-worth-looking....

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Your 4 week plan sounds interesting, I'm thinking about trying it.

Question: Would you recommend implementing this plan in your current site regardless of what the niche is? My current site is about visiting Hawaii and so it would be hard for me to blend topics such as the NBA on my site, or would you recommend starting a new site where you are able to blend everything?

I would recommend starting a brand new site if you feel that you are able to stick to this method and might even consider doing it regularly. That way you'll have a general site with 27 categories. Try to find an angle to your site, like saying the new renaissance man or something like that. A writer trying to make the most of the internet by expanding his knowledge in many areas and sharing his findings with his readers. I mean don't label your site "Content Farm for adsense ads" be subtil, find an angle and stick to it :-) That's just an advise, after up to you really.

Wow! It is really helpful and I certainly feel, it will bring more money. Thanks James.

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I'm not following the last keyword input part. When you put the 5 keywords in the boxes all at the same time, you only have one search result list to choose your final keywords from. How did you get all those final keywords if you put your initial words in the search boxes all at the same time?

I think you found out by yourself by now that there is a drop down list just above the two lists, where you can switch the keywords results.
I'll add that to my PDF file.
Also I think I went way too fast on the explanation of the 28th day, with google analytics, maybe I should add a simple example text..

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Hi james, I don't know if this is the best place to post this question, but since you're talking about making money with AdSense, I'd like to hear your opinion/advice on this (it has nothing to do with your method, please kick me out of the thread if I'm out of place, I don't wanna change the orientation of it):

I've come up with a method (that took me months of trial and error and tests to develop, and that I discover at first almost by chance) that allows me to take any piece of writing and transform it into a visually identical piece of writing (for the human reader) but totally different at code level, so that computers can't find it as duplicate (is not a hack or something complex, I barely understand HTML but I still came up with this method). The transformed content has the same keywords and everything so it'll rank just as fine as the original for the same keywords and terms (I made tests to confirm this), but spiders will see it as 100% unique content.

So basically I can build a huge site using content from sites like article directories (leaving the resource boxes), and Google would see that my site has 100% original content.

But I'm not so SEO savvy (yet) to really get into doing something without asking for second opinions, so if YOU had my method, what would you with it? I'm asking you because after reading your plan on top of the page, its obvious that you could make the best out of it (Best Reviewer is one of the best ideas ever).

So, how would YOU use my method to make the most money online? (leaving aside the moral and ethical part of using someone elses content, even if its content made to be re-posted) Would you create one huge site? Many smaller sites? Would you use AdSense or Amazon or both?

As I said you can ignore this long post and tell me to go bother someone else but I'd really appreciate your views on this (even a short answer). Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Hi, I don't know anything about your method of doing that and if it's clearly going to fail or not. But be aware that google also use human reviewers so that's not only a matter of fooling the search bots..

About the ethical/moral I won't mention it because I'm not concerned at all I was born in a world were copyright laws have been created without my consent and if I had my word on it I would be against it, so I don't have to be a sheep and say oh yes copyrights are so important, blablabla. You have to respect the laws only because of the fear/risk of punishment or because you agree with them, but these copyright laws in particular have no other value to me. At some point in time there were laws regarding slavery and now they've changed, so honestly only fools will regard copyright laws as being so perfect, etc. I think they create more problems for more people than they solve for few people.

Anyway, so about the adsense account and other penalties, because that's what matter to me, well you have to make sure it doesn't violate AdSense TOS first. Well it does for the copyright infrigement part, bad luck.. AdSense if I remember correctly also say that a site displaying adsense should not violate google's webmaster guidelines and in those guidelines there are many things and one is trying to fool the search engine.
After the most important is can you get away with it? Well that's not up to me or you to make a decision, it depends on AdSense (and google search) doing their job of enforcing their rules and how fast.
In the past I've done successful (although short lived) websites violating several rules (not about copyright but other rules linked to the use of different APIs) and I got the money from AdSense, they didn't ban my account, only the sites have been penalized by google search, so I don't regret it at all. If AdSense did ban my account because of those sites, then maybe I would not have the same feeling about the whole thing now.

So depending on your method I might or not try it, I don't know I have not enough knowledge about your method to make an educated guess, and I don't recommend or ask or suggest that you share it with me because I might steal it :-)
I assume it's not the ASCII converting thing, such as you can do easily with a simple PHP code or manually here:
Because that can only be short-lived too, if it still work (haven't done any testing myself) that is.. but I'm sure your method is different, so you could try it, don't know really what to advise you on this one..

I guess I can only answer "up to you" I know it doesn't help at all, but don't know what else to say.

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Thanks for your answer james, but you went to much into the possible penalties and all that, and after all this months developing the method (which you're right, it has nothing to do with that ASCII converting thing) I've had a lot of time to think about the risks of my method, but I've decided is worth the shot, so don't worry about the "risks" part (besides, I've come to think there isn't too much risk).

My GOAL is to make 1000 dollars per month online. My "weapon" is the abilty to create unlimited amounts of content.

What I really wanted to know is your opinion regarding to what type of PLAN you would do if you had my method and could use it anyway you want (and imagine there are no risks of anyone catching you). You said you can't advice me because you don't know how my method works, but you don't actually need to know, just imagine I have an army of SEO writers robots that can write tons of high quality content for me for free and in minutes (because that's similar to what I can do know), and that's all.

So the question would be, if you had that army of SEO writers robots to write anything you want and in any quantity you want, working just for you for free and with no rest, how would you use it to make money online with the least effort and least investment? Would be build a huge site? Many sites? A Blog? What type of site/blog would it be? Would you use AdSense only or Amazon or other platforms or a combination? Or instead of making your own site would you submit 1000s of articles to Article Revenue Sharing sites and save the problem of managing your own site? (which to me is most interesting option since running my own site would be harder, on ARS sites I just submit articles and wait them to rank in 6-12 months and that's it)

Remember my power is in the numbers, so I dont "need" to make each article rank it's best, I just need to get each article to earn me like 0.10 to 0.50 dollars per month (which is below average according to most people) and then I'll just have to submit/post more articles until they all add up to my goal of 1000 dollars a month.

So what you say? Again sorry for this long post of mine but your opinion would be very much appreciated because you really do know how to make money online and know how to avoid the longer road to success. Thanks.

Hi, ok in my position I would create several sites, each one based on a category. I would say about a dozen, but could go up to 27 to match the categories of Google Insights. This has several advantages over a big site, first is that they're quite focused / targeted. Second is that if one goes down for whatever reason (google penalty or technical problem) then the others keep on earning money while I try to fix the problem. And thirdly because once they're working you have several web properties instead of one. It's like for real estate, is it better to own a 1 million house or five 200,000 houses? I think it's better to have more than just one.
And it's the same for income sources, I'd use several ad networks and not only adsense, I believe in the saying do not put all your eggs in the same basket because I've been burned once already in 2008, so now I spread things over several.
So that's what I would do, I think. :-)

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Thanks james, that makes a lot of sense. But his arises some other questions:

-How many articles would you add per day per site? Would you ever stop adding articles?

-Would you promote your sites or just add articles and that's all? If you were to promote your sites, how "heavily" would you do it?

I tried to make the comment shorter this time so I don't take too much of our time. I'm trying to build an idea on how to proceed. Thanks so much for your help.

Ideally if I had tons of content, I would use a scheduler code that would publish about 3 new articles every day (even publishing one new article every 8 hours) that would be so nice to put 365 * 3 = over 1,000 articles which will be published automatically for one year to come, I would enjoy knowing that..

I wouldn't promote my sites, because it's the job of search engines to send visitors, but I would put addthis.com widget at the top and bottom of each article page, hoping for the best that some people out there may feel the need to share the article with others, you never know what can happen in people's mind, and also have a block at the end like I have on the top pages, have you seen it? This block talks to the reader and gives him/her the easy copy and paste links in case he/she wants to send the link on a forum or put it on his/her blog/site (with HTML code) and even giving the URL too (you have to believe that some people don't know they can copy the url from the address bar, better not assume too much)

I would do it very simply.. Also if I had such several sites, it would be easy to make links between themselves, again in a programatically way. Simply have a list of all your sites urls, along with several anchor texts for each url, and then display links at random, perhaps the randomness changing once a month (only need to seed the random function with something based on the current month). Anyway something to have fun.

I don't know how to proceed, but sure if I was in your position I would think some time before starting, even writing down a small plan of action, with ideas (Thinking Space android app or Freemind on PC are nice & free for that part of the process to put ideas in writing and refer to it later on, if you don't like the piece of paper anymore) and set some numbers, like the scheduler, that would be nice..

If you do your sites on Drupal, know that there is a module called Scheduler, if you have your army of "writers" they can set a date in the future for their post to be published at a later date and time.

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Thanks a lot james, you're ideas are great, I was right, you would really know how to explode my position haha. I'll follow your advice and not do anything random, I'll start planning something.

By the way, I forgot to add a question in my last post (hopefully the last):

Do you think submitting 100s or 1000s of articles to revenue sharing sites is worth it as a parallel income opportunity? (added to my own sites) Since it's so EASY to submit articles there and forget about them while they start earning money, I'd like to know what you think. Will a thousand articles in revenue sharing sites earn me something interesting in the long run?

If you say no I'll leave that out and focus completely in my own sites.

Thanks, your advice has already saved me months of possibly wasted effort.

Hi, to be honest I wouldn't use other people websites for that. If you want you could create your own adsense revenue sharing site and then post on it while letting other adsense publishers post on it too if they want.

But this answer is just my opinion and perhaps it's better to use other sites too, but me I prefer to spend all my time on my own sites. Although on the text of my adsense revenue sharing sites I tell people to join, by email or even on this forum I tell them that any time is always better spent on one's own web properties.

That's just my point of view and I know it is very limited, if I was doing everything perfect I'd already be a euro millionaire, which I'm not, so obviously they are many flaws in my thinking and actions, I'm aware of that but don't feel like digging too deep in my psychology, but you asked for my opinion :-)

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hehe thanks james :-)

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I think this looks interesting so I am giving it a try - I'm on day 6 so far and if nothing else I am learning some stuff. I don't think I have got the last bit right about mixing the keywords as I don't seem to get any results when I do so I am playing that a bit by ear. My site is at www.spikymouse.com but feel free to delete this link if you don't want it in here. I don't think I have the best site to maximise adsense though so I need to work on that but the theme I have has a few limitations on the front page so I'll try and customise it a bit...

Hey this is really good! Don't look at your stats, don't look back and don't slow down until you've done the 4 weeks! Then at this point you can look at traffic and earnings, but keep up the good work on that if you can.
I don't know if you're using WordPress or not, but it's true that your adsense placement now is not optimal at all, so at some point you want to improve that a lot. I don't recommend you spend any money on buying the template but if you feel like it of course you can, but if not (and I wouldn't) then you can simply watch the video and inspire yourself from this ad placement because you can hardly do better than that, check out the site called ctrtheme.com and it has several ad placements, but some I think are the best the one with 160x600 in left column, and 2 300x250 or 336x280 one above the other in the content area on the left, and the text of the article being on the right.
If you buy this theme and you use wordpress, then there are options to make the template change so that your visitors can't expect to find the ads at the same place all the time, this is also a good option.
If you can do all that by coding it yourself in the template then fine.

Anyway it was just a side comment, my main comment is congratulations to you for at least taking the first step and actually starting my method, you can only succeed that's for sure, keep improving on your site when you have time, while you're not creating content (which is always better) and the domain name is just fine, doesn't matter much anyway. But improve the overall site if you can. Keep us all posted about your progress, especially in 3 weeks give us some actual data, I hope you have already installed google analytics on your site, if not, do it now for sure it will be helpful to have the data later on.

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Hi james so i did say I would come back with an update but it has taken me longer than I planned. In the end I managed to get up to I think 24 days at 3 articles a day before I was moving countries and lost the impetus to complete the last 3 days. Anyway, since then I have just been adding some random articles about things that crop up but probably need to get back to the model again. I won't say that it hasn't worked for me but I think I just need to ramp it up a bit in terms of the numbers of articles on my site www.spikymouse.com. I have had about 100 hits in terms of google traffic and have earned only about $4 in terms of adsense earnings since I started it in July but to be honest I have done no backlinking on it or promotion so I am not surprised. I do think that if I keep working on it and promote the site then I might be able to move it up a gear in terms of traffic and earnings and I think the ideas is sound so i will continue but only adding articles every so often to build it up gradually.

Hi, you have only 3 * 3 articles to finish, do it.. Find the motivation and do it..

At least you'll have done your work. Then once you have done it, you can just do the google analytics thing of the 28th day.. Then you'll have a site you can promote a little bit..

And then after simply add one article in each category when you feel like it, at least once a week..

Keep at it, for sure once Google sends you the real traffic your articles deserve, you'll see the earning increasing..

Oh by the way, after you've done the google analytics part, have a good look at adsense's stats and work on ad optimization to be sure that you get a ecpm of at least $5, it's easy to do, but if you're far from it you need to take a good look at your ad placement..

And after you'll be happy, just find the motivation within yourself to finish the little you have to finish, then you'll be glad.. Also the boring feeling you must have about it now, will fade away quickly, and in one month from now you'll have this site, still earning money, and can work on adding to it using the same method but in a more relax way..

Congratulations to have done it, me I will do it in french one day when I find the motivation to do this challenge.

Dear Visitor,

I have checked your blog and it looks quite cool!
I would be interested to communicate with you to see how the method is working for you, and exchange our experience to improve on it. I have completed the method too on http://myspace-lyrics.com
Hope to hear form you!

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Thanks so much for your reply and encouragement James, I will surely check that out about ad placement and keep going on the content. Yes, it is a Wordpress site and I have a plugin that should be able to randomly insert different ads so i will try that as well as customising the css when I get a chance. I will definitely keep going and let you know how I get on in a few weeks.

Do you use the 4 tables I've put in the PDF file? Did you print them and use them daily? Do you have any suggestion for improving the method? I know some screenshots would be nice, that I know, just haven't done it, but do you have other ideas who came up in your mind when reading a second time? Maybe I can add it for future readers.. So if you have any suggestion please suggest :-)

As for the ad placement, it's not only displaying different ad sizes, it's about changing the ad placement layout randomly, I mean switching between several optimized ad placements randomly. have you watch their video which goes through their theme's options? At some point the guy talks about this feature and there you can clearly see the different ad placement they have, I don't like them all, but at least a couple are VERY good for CTR.
Read you again at the end of the month then for sure Marian!

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I have been looking EVERYWHERE for months for this information! This is the best article I have found about making money with adsense. I have read numerous pages about adsense and blogging but no one had laid everything out as in depth as you have. I am very thankful to you for sharing your tactics. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. It is specific, well-organized, well-thought-out, everything great! I am going to try this method asap:) Thank you! ~Eleasha

You're welcome. I could have went the extra mile and add screenshots in the PDF file to make things even easier to understand, and also maybe rewrite again to make the tone less aggressive and also because since I wrote it all in one go at the end I tend to go very quickly over everything, I should have done it in 2 times one for the draft and another one for polishing, maybe I'll get around to it one day, not sure at all..
I hope that once you go through the method one time correctly, you can post your informed feedback here.

Hey James,

I saw you post this on a another forum and had to give it a try as well. This may not be a $100 in 28 days for me with my current schedule, but it is always in the back of my mind now. Even if I don't make anything I love the idea behind this. Its really a great learning experience on how picking these topics and finding the keywords fit together.

I used your diagram in the pdf more as a calendar than where to put my keywords. Here is a template I created that you might want to use.


I write all 3 articles in there, so I have 1 file for every category. I can then go back/refer to when I'm ready to upload to my website etc. I typically hate writing in the wizywig editors until I'm ready to actually hit the publish button.

My website is http://imasidewalk.com if you'd care to take a look. I'd love some advice on ad placement. Right now I have adsense on the sidebar only, and some amazon widget under every post. The amazon thing is supposed to scan the content to narrow down the links it provides. Should I add some horizontal adsense banners above or below the content as well?

Asidewalk, great you're taking advantage of James' great tips. Here's to say I like your choice of words -- "I'm a sidewalk" -- seems one good reflection of life, or living a life.

Hello, for ad placement you can take my example at:
Where you see the three adsense blocks of different colors.
In the middle, above content.
It's the best for higher ecpm.

If you enjoy the idea, and you still like it after 4 weeks, then it's ok you've solved your adsense issue :-)

I have checked your blog today as I am using this method too. I left you a comment there! :-)
I was wondering if you stopped doing it or if you are still in the process, because I didn't see many posts there yet. If you would like to comment how it is going for you that would be great!

Honestly I think it's a tad too much for the newbie marketer. What you have written does work and I basically did the same thing in the home and garden niche. I sort of wandered into this. I had no idea it would work...but it did. The garden niche and the football niche are seasonal so your earning will drop during the off seasons for both niches.

Yes it's good to do my method 3 or 4 times in the year and then relax on the other months. So that you'll get several different important seasonal topics.

I will read what you have suggested and see if I can't take the time to try it out. At that point I will get back to you and let you know what results I had. Thank you prematurely!

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Great Adsense Newbie friendly - Step-by-Step plan. You Rock Big Time!!!

First of all I want to say BIG Thanks you and appreciate for taking some time to create such report / step by step floor plan for those who wants to make money with Adsense Type site. Actually i received email a day ago and just surprise how lucky i'm to have another Adsense guide to add in my arsenal. I love Adsense as its easy and passive income.

I just want to say this to you and other readers that IT's Working For me. actually i created Site around Google insight and Google news for 1 topic a day. i normally post 3-4 articles a day. I'm doing it since last 3 months and my Adsense earning as follow:

(1) 1st month was $19.20
(2) 2nd month was 28.05
(3) 3rd month $15.50 (for first 12days by the time i'm writing its 12 Oct 2011)

you can see its keep increasing and i know it will make me $100/ month. Adsense is all about planning and execution. as James suggest in guide, $3.3 / day with Adsense is not that hard if you follow this guide.

NOW talk about James message, i would say it's similar but much more in detail with strong day to day plan. i love this kind of schedule to follow. writing was not my hobby or interest but it is now. I have to admit that once writing become your daily routine, it not difficult to create short or even long articles.

Many of you are discussing about Adsense placement so as per my experience, following themes works great for me:

(1) CTR Themes
(2) Thesis Themes

Well if you are newbie and doesn't want to spend money on any WordPress themes, let me know i can help or suggest other free Adsense optimize WordPress themes.

now about Adsense + Amazon so here is my thoughts:

I do create site only for Adsense or Adsense + amazon. but for this Google insight method, i would suggest other to just monetize site with only Adsense. as per my experience after panda update, Google doesn't seems liking amazon ad or product links much. well there is no hard cord written document for it but its just my experience. Even you stuff your page with lost of ads and amazon products, it will affect your CTR too so better just use Adsense as James has already put hard work to create this guide in step by step manner for Adsense type site.

Again i'm starting on this plan today, hack even right now after finish writing this post.

Thanks James. you are the Man!!

PS. by the way i track my incoming search queries with search term tagging 2 plugin + Google analytic. It just like icing on cake.

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The recommended procedure will yield result provided one is disciplined and dedicated in approach as insights keep changing at fast pace.



Thank you for the details you are giving us!

I would be very interested if i could visit your website, as you didn't provide a link here.

I would also like if you could suggest other free Adsense optimize WordPress themes so that i could apply them to my own blog using this method.

Thank you in advance!

Hey MySpace-Lyrics, I've just stumbled into this great article and I honestly think James has done a real great job here. It's been almost a year since he posted this and I think it will still do great today even after the recent Penguin update by Google. I will definitely try this myself on my blog: http://cellmarketingprofits.com (in case you want to check it out)

Anyway, I found your question while going through the long thread of comments here. And I just want to answer your question because I happened to buy this great wordpress theme and I think this is just the right one for you also! This theme was made BY real internet marketers FOR internet marketers. And sure enough it has been proven by a lot of marketers to have possibly the best conversion rates compared to other premium themes out there.

I have personally proven it myself as I am using it in my blog also. I don't even have a lot posts in my blog yet, and I don't get a lot of natural traffic yet. But I've been doing some promotions and with the traffic I'm getting for my site, some days I get as high as 20% CTR with this theme. Well, I have to be honest still, it could be attributed to my content also or the niche my blog is in, but I have never got these results with the themes I used before.

So, here's the link to the theme page: http://bit.ly/Soc_Theme

You have probably come across it before from somewhere else but I visited your site and you're not using it. So, since you are asking this question and I think this is relevant, I'm recommending this to you. I may sound so pitching and James might think I'm hijacking this thread but I'm just seeing an opportunity to recommend something useful to someone who needs it. ...and possibly earn a commission in the process :)

I hope James will not kick me out of this thread. hehehe

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Just wanted to say I've been a fan of yours since SheToldMe (learned of it from HubPages) - and you're very intelligent with your business model. Your KW research is way too simple - and I'm jealous I hadn't thought of doing that earlier. :D

I use Market Samurai for my KW research but will try your method on some of my sites - I learned that much from you.

Personally I don't "do" AdSense except from sites like yours, I'm mainly a physical products affiliate. Lastly, just because you don't understand that ESPN is the world's largest sporting news network, or say that English isn't your first language: you're one to watch in terms of web publishing and creating awesome User-Generated websites.

You've got my respect in a lot of ways, thanks for your awesome websites. I use them for my backlinking and like that I get paid a bit from AdSense in the exchange.

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ESPN is a TV Sports Channel in the USA, comes out of Connecticut, if anybody was wondering.

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James, Can you tell me some good tips to getting adsense approval for a new forum?

Hi, I don't know about that sorry.

I read through the 4 weeks method and the first question that comes to mind is, what is considered a proper domain name? Should it be relevant to all 27 categories somehow? The reason I ask is because I thought a domain name should have your targeted keyworks in it. Obviously, this would be difficult to do with so many keywords. How about a generic domain name such as "Sayhey.com", will that work?

Please explain,

I meant a proper domain name as opposed as having a subdomain like http://YOURNAME.blogspot.com but in fact it doesn't matter much at all, I'm just giving an advise for the future which can be applied immediatly: always have your own domain name.
The domain name can be anything, my latest one is juiuj.com easy

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Thanks James.
I am a native English Speaker, have been for well over 60 years now - but I haven't yet been paid a cent for Adsense!!
So, this is going to change now, and you have added to my determination to succeed - Thanks again

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James, I have my 3 sets of keywords from the initial search, but I'm not understanding what to do with those keywords next. Do I input and search each keyword separately, or how should they be grouped together, if at all?
I'm really anxious to give this method a try. Thanks for your help.

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James, I just wanted to say that I finally get it, and to answer my own question, the answer would be yes. Repeat the process with each individual keyword (or individual keyphrase). Am I right?

Yes, by re-reading several times this part in my method it can be clear. It should be better explained or with a video tutorial it would be easier to show.

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Thanks for the fast answer James. Another thing. I have finished my first 2 days of articles. I am putting them on my website now, and I see a problem (I think). 27 categories times 3 articles each equals nearly 90 separate pages in the menu. (I take it you don't want us using sub pages.) So now the menu will have 90 pages but no categories. Maybe be this layout best suits a blog format, right? Hey, you live in Thailand? I am working in Malaysia, but live in Vietnam. Internet work is a challenge in this part of the world, isn't it :))

28 days x 3 articles = 84 articles.

I don't understand why you say the menu will have 90 pages but no categories? Simply put in your menu the 27 categories (even in a drop down menu) the articles pages will be accessible through the categories pages.

I just came back from Laos where I stayed one month with a very poor internet connection (not only slow, but with many errors I have not met anywhere else) so here in Pattaya I'm happy to use again internet where at least I can play youtube videos directly at 360. In Laos I watched them at 240 and I needed to preload them, couldn't watch them in streaming..

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Hi James,
First of all I'd like to say thank you for your strategies of adsense.I have been made some site with adsense before but not got lucky with this.I have seen a couple guys(Google I/O,Content is King) in Thailand that they made $3,000/day now.I have read some technique of them with this forum..http://www.thaiseoboard.com/index.php/topic,238815.0.html.One thing that they say like you method is trend of keyword.I'm pretty sure that they use http://www.google.com/trends and http://www.google.com/insights/search like you but I don't know how they find a golden keyword.Today I will try for your method to find golden keyword to make a new site again in the future.Now I 'm not sure you are in Thailand or not but if you still here I will appreciate to talk with you by phone as 0831089536.
Jake from Thailand

Hi Jake, yes I'm still in Thailand and don't intend on moving anytime soon, next month I'm going to rent another condo for 1 year, closer to the sea than the one I've been living since last summer.
Also on 20th december I'm going to laos for 3 weeks, internet is slow but something else is good :-)

I don't like talking on the phone, skype or by chat, but if you register on best reviewer you can then create new forum threads, let's do the talking publically, there's nothing to hide really and I'm more keen on answering anything on my forum than in any other settings, because that's my only forum and so I like it more than any other forum or sites I have.. Even if this forum doesn't look good, for me it's useful for communicating, so let's use it, just register on the site, even if you don't want to post tops it's not a problem..

As for your question/statement, I don't think there are GOLDEN KEYWORD really.. But for sure there are some niche topics more useful than others when talking about adsense earnings..

Jake, let's register and start your own thread on this forum, I'll sure participate whatever you want to talk about!

Hi Jake,
I am in Thailand too.
Would be good to catch up and exchange some ideas for the golden keywords.
All the best,

Whether this works or not you've given me some great ideas about adding new content for my blog everyday! I'm going to do an article a day based on those ideas you gave and if nothing else it will make my blog articles grow!

That's good also to use google insights to dive into a specific topic, and by doing that you can easily make titles for a month or two, if your blog is about a quite large topic, then google insghts is a gift that keeps on giving :-)

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Nice Info thank you man for sharing your experience .

a visitor
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does this method work well on blogspot? you see, i have a bit of limitation getting a new domain...:)

a visitor
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what if there's no same keywords on the two lists? what should i pick?

Does this method works well on blogspot? I don't even know if it works anywhere.
Anyway, to answer your question: "what if there's no same keywords on the two lists? what should i pick?", my answer is you chose the keywords you want, honestly the details don't matter at all but if you re-read the method you'll see I've said what to do exactly already.
The main point is can you write 3 articles per day for 4 weeks straight without looking for excuses that you don't have time or have only time if you're proven that this method works?
If you can't do it out of faith or personal writing challenge, then don't bother thinking too much about either or not start the method, the answer is simple and quick: don't bother!

Also I have read that now Google Insights have changed their number of categories, so I think it is not 27 categories anymore but less. Don't ask me what should you do now, because it doesn't matter how many categories there are, work everyday on popular topics and you can't fail, it's as simple as that.

I made the plan just to give a simple workload every day, using google insights, it is just an example, whatever popular content you want to produce any day is just FINE! You can't fail by doing it everyday and plan in advance how you'll find your next topic to write about, so you don't have to waste a lot of time thinking about topics.

Like James Brown was the "Sex Machine" you should try to be, for 4 weeks, the "Writing Machine".

James Brown:


a visitor's picture

What if I have 6 websites and follow your method using different content, but same keywords? Is that $100 X 6 (websites)=$600?

Yes, anyway if you can do it for one already that would be good. After you can do one more time either on the same site or on another one if you wish. I have no idea if one is better than another, but doing it always on the same site seems the most practical, it will help focus all marketing efforts on one site as well..

a visitor
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Choosing keywords in this manner is going to lead to huge competition. How can you get views when you write articles with such highly competitive keywords? This exercise goes against everything you read about keyword research and seems like a total waste of time. I would be interested to see if anyone does make some money out of this.

You might be right. I thought the fact that you're using 2 * 3 = 6 popular keywords in your article, with the 2 main keywords in the title, would be enough to create unique combinaisons of popular keywords.
After, does it generate the expected mass traffic? Probably not. Why? Because the most important part is how you use those 6 keywords in your article to write something not too dull, not too short, etc.

By the act of writing using your imagination, while focusing on 6 keywords, you can produce nice articles, you can also produce crap, it very much depends on one's writing talent and the time spent on each article.

So, me too I'd be interested to see if anyone does make some money out of this. Maybe someone is, who knows? But if it is the case I think this person did put some above average effort in writing the articles.

Now, if this method doesn't work at all, then what can really? What we read everywhere about keyword research? Well maybe.. Honestly I don't know much at all about anything, just wrote this one summer day, it doesn't mean it's true or false, one has to try if one wants to find out :-)

OK I have tried the method, and followed it very carefully, plus added extra things supposed to improve SEO (like image for example, outbound link, internal links, etc)

You can view the result here: http://myspace-lyrics.com - Please check it and drop your comments. I am interested in your feedback.

I am not a native English speaker, and one subjects were very hard to write about due to the fact that i knew nothing about it. Or they were just uninspiring. So I just went crazy on some, others were really fun to write, etc But all it all count at least one hour per post.

I have decided to write an ebook on how to best use Wordpress to create a blog, with lots of tips that i took from different experts, so that bloggers can actually get a full guide on the best SEO for Wordpress.

I am very interested to know if others did actually follow the method until the end, and how long it took them to start generating something around $100 / month.

Hoping to see other sites based on this method!

Thank you

MySpace-Lyrics I looked at your blog/webpage. The main thing I noticed is that your photograph takes up most of the height of the screen. There is the title, then the photograph, then the Google ads and the title to the first article isn't even showing up on my screen without scrolling. My opinion (and I'm not an expert here) is that it would be better to have a picture with less height then I can at least see the title to your first article.

I think the method would work primarily because:

1. It has a built in method to overcome writers block
2. The keywords it is based around get a lot of traffic

The main thing I would be focusing on for those trying this method, that James has not included, is keeping reader attention for at least a minute. If you cannot keep your readers attention for on average a minute, you have pretty much failed as google will register that as a bounce rate. How to keep your reader's attention? Popular content + gimmicky stuff on the website that makes sure they don't leave.

If you want to improve on this strategy, search for long tail keywords.
I tried to build a website around this. The problem is that you are competing with the most competitive KW in each category. So unless you do a lot of back linking it won't help much. You can optimize it though buy looking for long tail KW with low competition and more than 5000 searches/month.

I really enjoyed this article because it gives me a new approach to making money with Adsense.
I am going to change my strategy.

OK so I have built a site like this following this exact method (http://myspace-lyrics.com), and it has been online for more than 3 months now.

Here is my review about it:
- traffic is not picking up (the average is sloooowly increasing above 15 visits/day)
Please note that we are talking about traffic on the whole site, not on the homepage. The homepage won't attract much traffic as each page inside is optimized for a different set of keywords.
- the reason of this is that we are using keywords with very high competition. So what you should do when using this method, is look for long tail keywords. Do exactly the same but search for long tail keywords and that should boost it up.
- i was making a little bit of money with it (more around $10 than $100 a month though). This is due that some keywords used in this method have a high value (so you get less clicks but more for each click)
- my AdSense account has been canceled now so I can only manage the traffic.

So if any of you is too lazy to build a site like that but can do a bit of SEO, I can make an offer: We put your adsense code on the post (banners inside each individual posts, I have 2 slots there for each) and we share the revenue 50/50. If anyone is interested, please let me know. That's an easy deal and safe for both of us. If on top of that you want to optimize one of 2 of the posts to increase the revenue, it is all up to you!

Here are the most performing pages:

(for this last one, be aware that the most expensive keywords on Google are around property loans, mortgage, etc) so this page should attract high value keywords.

So if any one of you is volunteer, contact me and we will work something out!

Hello james. I know it has been like 7 months since someone replied here and I have been blogging for awhile and stumbled upon your idea. I read all the comments below and the one thing that I have seen from the links provided is the websites, no offense everyone, really need massive work to even generate any traffic with the best keywords.

I have a site and I am going to try it out. I think that your idea of writing everyday on big topics loaded with keywords, whether they are LT or not merrits and adventure. I really want to see if quality content, consistent social media, and proper SEO tactics will actually work.

This does go against a lot of the mainstream instruction but the problem with mainstream now is the internet has become so overcrowded that I think people are scraping up all the LT words, or at least, a majority of them. I am on day two and anyone who wants to check out the site and pop in and look. Share below and let me know what you think. I may experience with this method a little, but this is a great way to create an authority site. Even if you use this method in one category, it could be good. Either way, check it out. Just click on my name and the link will take you there.

There are two posts that were previous ones. You can check those out or ignore them. But thanks for the idea. I will let you know.

Hi, yes you're right, it could be applied with success in one category such as golf.
The main point anyway was to use google insights and make some associations of popular keywords, and then the rest is up to the writer's skills.. It was just a method for those who still enjoy an active adsense account but earn less than $100 a month with it.. It was just to give them a method, a plan, to start working everyday, even a little, and don't waste time thinking about what topics to write about.
Of course after everyone who would have been in this situation, would have then forked out to something more serious and more focused..

Good luck with your work, you know as long as we don't quit, we are on the right path to success, no problem!

a visitor's picture

I inherited this one of a kind site two Aprils ago, having never had any web knowledge. Boy have I learned alot! Good and bad ;)

I will be starting this program tomorrow. I began from 0 April 2011 and I am averaging $140 every two months. I pretty much have SEO down, and Social Media, I have just been wondering how to get more.

The site is popular, 50K to 300K per month, but I am still leaning. As this is my only job now I really need to vamp it up!

Maybe I will use both long tail and popular keywords in each post...?

Any advice is humbly appreciated, and you can visit the site here http://survivetheapocalypse.net

Thanks for the helpful insight!

a visitor
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Looking for a great age appropriate Christmas gift idea for a seven-year-old girl or boy? Consider a unique toy or an educational toy as a Christmas gift idea.

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hey james remember me ... i guess not ... few months ago on digital forum ... before google panda effect we had a huge talk on ur topic " 4week plan " which i applied and tested in the month of january ... and you know what it was working pretty good .... as before i was not able to make a penny from google adsense ... but when i applied ur method exactly the way u said to me ... it started earning quite well ... within few days i made about 6 - 7 $ as the income was generating daily , as i was continuing to grow ur method suddenly google panda was launched .. I was having page rank of 4 for my website but ... my website was deindexed from google as panda effect launched ... i asked in google community forum they said that ur website was deindexed because of low content quality or poor content ..... so when i told them the name of my website then after few hours my page rank was dropped from 4 to 0 .... it was a big mistake talking in google community forum ... ... because i think if i hadnt told them that what was my name of website ... they wouldnt had decreased my page rank website and deindexed it completely ...... after that i didnt got much time to do ur method again ... well that was history ... what i want to know is that ur method " 4 week plan " can it still work ? if i take subdomian of blogspot ... because after taking a genuine domain and hosting plan for an year my website was deindexed so i wasnt able to utilize it throughout the yaer and all my money on domain and hosting was gone .... i didnt take anothe domain because i thought since opanda effect came into action the same thing will happen to my next website ... but what the hell i want to start fresh with ur method ... will it still work ... if yes then i am ready to do it again .... if you want to know i can give each week statistics to you ... and you can use my website as example to show others that "4 week plan" still exist or not . reply soon like always... thanks


I can't say that I remember because so many things happened you know.
But if you have done it once, then you already know what to do. My only advice this time is to do the same, but spend more effort on each article. Maybe spread the workload over more weeks and doing only 2 articles per day instead of three. But not to do less work, in fact to spend more time on writing each article. Documentation and put a little more value into your articles, so since that takes time, you should do less per day and take more weeks to complete.
Also you have noticed google insights has been integrated in google trends and google have changed the categories, I think there are a little less main categories now.

I still think my method works since it has nothing to do with a trick or blackhat, it is simply a method, a plan, to follow to know what to write about, what is popular.

But you can apply it to just a few main categories and do the same method with sub-categories of the main ones if you don't want to do every topics on earth.

Also, if you go to my website best reviewer, in the header menu go to tools then on most searched keywords, you'll see I've created pages to have an overview of all google insights with different dates.
Not very useful as such, but still if you see things interesting for you in the keywords, then use it on your site.

Good luck, personally I'm moving away from adsense since they banned one account of mine last july for no reason. I meant to diversify my income already for a long time but this has given me the boost, so I'm trying affiliate marketing since september, it's not easy, but I'll take the needed time to learn and succeed in that.

Also, in addition to adsense you can put amazon partners widget nammed Omakaze links, since it is a contextual block which will try to show relevant amazon products on your pages. It works too. 5% commission only but with traffic it quickly adds up and the commission rises as you sell more.

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Wow, that's a serious challenge. I may try it... we will see...

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