If you are wanting suggestions (page title)

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If you are wanting suggestions (page title)

When I copy a top into a social bookmarking site, the title of the top is copied to all capitals (upper case). I usually have to manually change it to lower case because the site I'm posting it to won't accept a title that is all upper case. The other fields copy fine. If you want to make it easier for us to share on social bookmarking site, can you make the title paste to a mixture of upper and lower case, as we've written on the top?

Hi, that would be a big change of direction for me, because I did that for search engines (google) results pages, in order for each top to stand out from the crowd of other results. Being all capitals letters make it stand out on a page where everyone else has normal formatting, or a capital first letter for each word.
I can do what you suggest, because I don't hang to my opinion on this topic, it's no big deal really.

That's something that I can't measure if it works or not, I was just thinking that standing out in a result page will get us more visitors (better CTR for our link on a result page) but maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are less people clicking on our link because of that all capitals looking, or maybe it just doesn't make a difference. I don't know and can never know without doing proper testing on long periods of time which I won't do anyway.

OK, so I'll revert to simple "as it is entered" page titles. EDIT: it is now active, I'm so scared the traffic will go back to less than one hundred visitors a day.. :-)

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