I've changed ad placement again, this time it should be better :-)

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I've changed ad placement again, this time it should be better :-)

Hi following the email series from adsense called "Google AdSense: Invest in your website" (did you received them and read it?) I took them to their word since they said that if we submit to them before / after screenshots along with explanation of what I have changed following their advice, they will send AdSense goodies to the best ones, the deadline was 20th june, so of course, me being me, it was 21st minus 5 hours when I finally submitted everything.

We've provided a couple of useful resources at the end of this email for more information on design guidelines. Just like the last week, we'll be asking those of you who have made changes to your site to submit your recent implementations by filling this form and sending your before and after website screenshots to adsense-webacademy@google.com. The top three selected implementations will receive Google goodies in the end.

So I'll let you know how it goes, if I receive something or hear from them again. But without talking about this little contest, I have to say that the changes impress me :-) This is so nice now I'd like to own this site! :-)

I'd like to know two things if you have time to answer:

1. of course, what do you think about the changes, can you even see them? (you have to be loggued out to see adsense ads, as you know)

2. did you receive and read this email series? And what did you think of it, did it prompt you to improve your site / blog or not? If you have, was it beneficial, I mean was it time invested or time wasted?

Well just now I've recieved an email from a visitor nammed Tery here's what he has to say:

Here was my comment. I believe it was a genuine one. I was REALLY interested in what you had to say about Gary Halbert, but couldn't read it due to the ads covering it up.

So I wrote a comment...and your spam filter didn't even allow me to tell you. What the heck is going on with you and your site?

Here's my comment:
I hate it that you cover up your content with ads (3 ads) -- and those ads can't be clicked off -- therefore, I can't read the content you've posted. Don't you realize not only how invasive this is, but also it completely eliminates the ability to read your site.

So, instead of having a pleasant experience on your site, I leave, feeling slighted and will never return.

So, the spam filter part is not really the issue here, it's ok, let it aside for this moment. What is bothering me is that he's complaining about the ads covering the content.. But I have checked the ad placement on the three main browsers on my windows7 computer and also on my macair, I see the ads like they should be, floating next to each of the first 3 tops.. but the text goes around the ad, that's the point..

So, could someone please tell me if he/she sees a problem with this ad placement (only on top list pages, not on pages like this forum) and what is the configuration?
I have asked Tery if he has time to send me screenshot and tell me more about his configuration, I don't know if he will, but I have also look at my site via a web service which takes screenshots of one page with different configurations (browser/os) and I don't see anything wrong.

If we were in 2000 then I wouldn't even bother and would assume Teri is browsing on AOL browser, but we're in 2012 and perhaps Tery is far from the only one to have this problem? I don't know, I don't see the problem and the HTML/CSS is pretty straightforward, simple and proven to work many time before, just a float:right thing..
I don't know..

If the google adsense team sees the same problem, it won't go well with the contest, I won't win a goodie :-)

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