I'm playing Battlefield 3 on PS3

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I'm playing Battlefield 3 on PS3

That's right, I'm playing Battlefield 3, my player name is shetoldme_com because yes why not promote my site while killing others :-)

So if you're also enjoying Battlefield on PS3, please add me to your contact list, or let's try to play some rounds together, but I don't have a keyboard, so I'm not chatting there, but you can also drop your player name here and I'll add you, we never know maybe we can play later on when we're online together..

Don't worry I'm not a beast killer, my accuracy is less than 10% see my stats here:

The thing is that I'm in Thailand, so the servers I play on are close to me, if you're in the US, I don't know if it's possible to play on the same server also, because my internet connection is not wonderful, so I take servers with smallest ping, probably like you, to reduce lag.

If you have a problem with Battlefield 3 you can ask me because I've had all the problems to start, like getting stuck at "checking player profile data" and having to delete saved game datas, also being unable to log in battlelog.battlefield.com with unhelpful messages.. And also finding where to activate your online pass in order to play online.. I've had it all and solved them all, in fact it's easy once you know, but EA is not helping at all, very confusing process, you need to be a university graduate to play this game online :-)

You used your site name as your profile ID? LOL you are gold. Good idea though really but so funny all the same.

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You can try battlefield 4 the Freddie Wong trailers in on Videobuzzy ! :)

@visitor: you're a user of the french version of best reviewer, there you took an habit of doing comment spamming for your videobuzzing site, I let it go because the french version is lagging behind and is not the center of my attention, but now you come on best reviewer, open an account and try to do the same, see the result, both your accounts on best reviewer and the french version are now banned, all your content is gone and now I'll remember your site so you can consider trying to get back to any of my sites (including all my site that I moderate) totally pointless, go spam elsewhere or make your own, thank you.

@EsotericArticles, yes I used my site name (at the time shetoldme was the site I was promoting actively, it was before best reviewer existed) but since you can't have a dot in your player name, I use underscore.
And when playing I can hear people talking and when I kill them (or when they repeatidly kill me) I can hear them saying my player name shetoldme dot com, so it's working, having the underscore doesn't prevent people from noticing it's a domain name :-)
After of course spamming my site to Battlefield players won't change anything in traffic, but at least when I'm playing a few hours to Battlefield or other games, I can say I'm working on promotion haha..

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hey, my name is R_O_Z_A_Y_28..... im having trouble getting pass the checking player profile screen and its really frustrating me right now.... if you could please get back at me some how that would be wonderful... i just request you as a friend..

Don't worry, this happens to me still always.. The only solution is to delete your user profile for BF3. You don't do that in the game, but on the PS3 main screen, you go in the games menu and there you delete your user profile, the size of the file is about 1MB or 1,000KB do you not mistake it for installed game data, which size is way bigger, you don't want to delete that.
So delete your profile data for BF3 and you'll be fine. The only problem is that you lose all your progress in solo campaign of course. Me I don't care, I'm not playing it solo right now, I enjoy multiplayer. And whenever EA will remove their fingers from their ass and fix that bug/issue, then I'll be able to play solo campaign too.

Hope this helps, ask me for more details about the checking player profile problem.

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Sup dude, ok so like you ive got a ps3. But the prob is ive been runnin all over bangkok just to buy it. But I cant find it! Where did you get your copy of BF3 for the PS3? Did you buy it at the EA headquarters in Klong Tan or somewhere else? please reply asap i want to play BF3 now on the ps3. thanks.

hi, i live in pattaya and bought it from the local IT mall called TUK COM

Finally after months of not playing the solo campaign, and also having to rebuild my pack for different soldier classes each time I launched the game to play multiplayer, I've found a solution and that's sad.
Why? Because you have to format your ps3! So you lose all your user profiles, in other games. But I confirm that it works after. No more being stuck, no more user profile deleting.
I did go into settings and format (quick format works and is faster) and after that the game works as normal.
Perhaps, for sure, there is a way to save your user profiles for your other games before formatting and then import them again in the ps3 system, but I didn't do it. So I've lost all my progress in L.A. Noire for instance.

Don't worry you don't lose your progress in multiplayer in BF3, and that's good because I'm level 25 already and as you know with each progress you earn more weapons and other things..

The only thing is that you have to download all the content, the 4 new maps you know, and also put your validation code (redeem code) again and a few other things because there is nothing anymore in the ps3 hard drive.

But the good thing is that I'll be able to play the solo mission now and also won't have to redo my packs in multiplayer, so I'll optimize everything and I'll kill better. I haven't played anything on my PS3 since last december, but I'm going to be back, so remember to add my in your friend list on PS3, my player name shetoldme_com but I'm in south-east asia, so if you're in the US we're probably not playing on the same servers unfortunately because of ping/lag.

Anyway, what I wrote just above is the permanent solution, format your ps3, sad, but the game is worth it anyway, and perhaps you can find a way to export your player user profile and then import it after the formatting, spend a little time looking at how to do that and you'll be fine.

You are too serious here on best reviewer, don't you ever play good games on PS3 or what?!?..

If you enjoy playing battlefield 3 on PS3, add me as a friend my player id is shetoldme_com

I'm in thailand, so I play probably on asian servers, but still, add me, maybe we can play on same server, I don't know. But it would be fun to play with or against people from this forum :-)

Also if you prefer, put down your player id here and I'll add you.

Come play battlefield 3 on PS3 with me!

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