I'm flying to Thailand soon!

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I'm flying to Thailand soon!

In less than one week I'm flying to Thailand. Quite a long trip if you count everything from the waking up, train, bus, plane, plane again, bus and then some taxi. Might take about 24 hours before settling down at destination.

I'll stay in Thailand for an undetermined amount of time, I have a single entry 2 months tourist visa, which I can extend for 30 more days and then I'll have to leave for a short time and ask for another tourist visa, will try my luck at a double entry in Laos or some other country near Thailand.

Because I move I don't want to build my life at any place at the moment and this has been going on for years now..

Are you moving around too or do you prefer to build something bigger somewhere you know?

Hey James,
Have a safe trip. As you know, I prefer Indonesia, after trying most of the Asian countries it's about the best for me. Phillipines is okay but not really save. Yes Indonesia is safe, safer than most places in the Americas or Europe. Hope all goes well for you on your trip.


Hey James,

I live in Bangkok and love it here. I was born here but have lived and visited several countries. For me Thailand is one of the best places to live in. Great people, great food, perfect spot to travel around other Asian countries, excellent beaches and just overall great vibes here.

Enjoy your stay!

I've arrived, now I'm in a hotel room, 16th floor, directly facing the beach/sea, 2 rooms, one bedroom and one kitchen/living room with a large balcony. I'm here for 10 days and in the meantime I'll try to sort out long term accomodation somewhere nice too.
The trip was tiring as always, it's about 24hours between the time I left my city to the time I'm in the hotel room. I booked it via agoda and paid with paypal. Of course there's wireless internet in the room and on the balcony, I've checked this first and eliminated some hotels because of that, not providing complimentary wireless wifi in the rooms is a big mistake for any hotel in 2011 :-)
OK not everyone is an internet junkie like me, but still, I'm sure many people appreciate internet connection in their room and not only in the lobby or in special lounges/rooms.

I've got my accomodation now, 16th floor like the hotel, but the view is not as impressive as in the hotel while still being seaview and in a cool residence with two swimming pools, laundry shops, cleaning maids, restaurants and small grocery shop within the building. I'm staying in my hotel room until the 3rd of course, but I have the keys of my accomodation already, the furniture and all is even better than in the hotel room. I have two large LCD tvs, land line internet, it's a corner unit with about 100 sqm² a balcony around the corner and one more in the bedroom, there are two bedrooms and a large living room and kitchen with several appliances except dish washer and clothes washer, but I don't intend on cooking often and I'm not doing one bit of laundry that's for sure!

Well it's good, but it could have been better if I could have found the perfect location, with even better seaview in one of the other building, but all the agencies I've visited haven't been able to show me an available corner unit in the right spot (high floor and sea view not blocked by other buildings)

I've closed registrations on the site shetoldme.com since I left, and soon when I'm really really really ready to start the daily routine again, I'll re-open it.. oh no.. :-)

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