I love the new look!

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I love the new look!

Hi James, I haven't been around in a while. Checked my adsense and I had a $2.19 click yesterday so I need to get back to creating more tops! I love the new look of the site. You did a great job on it.

Thank you! I think before creating new tops you should edit some of your existing ones which were below the 400 minimum words limit, because since I made the new rule in september 2012, all the tops with less than 400 words don't display their author's adsense code and links. In order to display again adsense and the links, the author must go to their top, click EDIT and add some words to reach the 400 words, and save to publish the changes.

And about the changes, if you're talking the change of template from white to green, yes that was a good change. But soon when I'll come back to Thailand I will also make more changes about the ads, put less of them and will share them more with members, there will be chitika, amazon and clickbank in addition of adsense.

If you have any idea, please share them!

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