I just opened an account with QWhatDo

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I just opened an account with QWhatDo

I just opened an account with QWhatDo.You can make links and guides. It appears that the purpose of the links is purely that, you click and it goes straight to the link. The guides is the place you can earn adsense money. So I wrote one link and one guide.

I added a picture to my guide, but I had a lot of trouble. The form requests a size, I entered the numbers and it previewed correctly, but when I saved the guide, the picture was huge. I had to go back to my original picture, amend it, upload it to my hosting again and re-enter it. I had to do this two more times. So somehow the numbers I entered weren't being read.

If you look at the list of guides now, they all have a heading and then a little blurb underneath them - except mine. Did I do something wrong?

If you go on the list of links, many of them are half way through a sentence and it's cut off. I couldn't see how to read the whole sentence because as I've said before, when you click on the link, it goes straight there.

I can see QWhatDo being very useful for anyone who writes about travel, or just wants to write about where they live.

I don't like getting to know new sites, but I did find this site easier to initially navigate than most. I hope my comments above are constructive and not negative.

Hi, sorry I don't know about QWhatDo, I've just seen it being displayed in the buysellads.com advertizements here on best reviewer some time ago, so I think it must be the site of one of the members here.
But I haven't used the site, it seems like another adsense revenue sharing site which enables also to create backlinks, so for people who enjoy working that way, why not. Since the webmaster is investing money for advertizing and recruiting members, it shows that it is unlikely the webmaster will give up on this site anytime soon, that's good to know.

Oh, I thought it was your site, James. Hence the helpful improvement comments. Does it belong to Esoteric Articles? He's been promoting it. Anyway, whoever it belongs to, I liked the site and plan on doing more there.


Yes it is mine and I was trying to figure out if you thought it was James' site or something haha. Also, you can promote your Best Reviewer content on the site if you want as well, provided it is related to some sort of real world thing, travel and such.

In regards to the feedback, I actually love it. It is very well presented, easy to follow, etc. I know people on the internet can absolutely jump on you if you criticize stuff, but I guess I am not one of them.

In regards to the issues presented:

1. the blurb isnt showing because, unfortunately, HTML tags were counted in calculating how many characters should be in the teaser. I will try to fix this issue shortly. Basically just need to prevent tags being in the character count.

2. The picture size issue I am unsure of, and will look into it further. One of the major issues is that the site is drupal-based but drupal lacks a good WYSIWYG editor like Wordpress. It really is one of the major problems with Drupal in my opinion. It also may be an error caused by a recent php change that occurred with my hosting. I'll look into it.

3. In regards to the cut off blurbs, that was mostly by design as I was using a mixture of Digg and Reddit as my model. You can click on 'comment' to find your original article, which is basically how Reddit functions. The benefit here, though, is that you can potentially get two very fast backlinks.

Regardless, thank you heaps for writing this! I'll try to think of a cool way to pay you back:). It is actually very hard to test your own site, because you can never come at it from the perspective of a new user.

Also, you can refer people to the site.

Drupal is a good choice, is it drupal 7, it is so much easier D7, but not for best reviewer unfortunately.
I'm not too fan of wysiwyg as you can tell, but I recognize if it was easily added and handled by drupal, then I would have added some. It's not that difficult to install with main module wysiwyg but not that easy since we have to restrict it a lot for security reasons. If it is for publishing content from a trusted team then ok it can be put at full html and it's easy, but if not then it needs setup and testing.
It would greatly improve presentation but it is not a must-have. Not having a wysiwyg also disables in advance ANY problem related to that feature.

No I used Drupal 6.

My aim is to make my site super user friendly. If you want a WYSIWYG editor for Drupal that allows users to upload images, it can be tough really. There is no solution as elegant as Wordpress's, which is probably why Wordpress will remain bigger for the foreseeable future in terms of developers.

I noticed you did not have it and when I tried mucking around with editors, I realized swiftly why. Few of them work, even fewer work well and fewer still are capable of integrating any kind of image upload feature.

The google map modules also did not work well. I had to do a lot of custom coding, a lot. Then my server updated with a new version of php, so I had to do more coding just as I finished. Ultimately I hope to make the site as user friendly, if not more so, than Wordpress but with quite a few features. I have a few more cool ones planned but after my initial experience and the 10x or greater blow out in development time I am a little reluctant to get stuck in again. I will likely put some hours in over the weekend though:).

Overall, though, it is fairly good I think. Have you ever transferred a Drupal site? Just asking in case I need to improve hosting.

If I was to start now I would have used Drupal 7 in anyway. but for you since you want images, Drupal 7 has image module in core and all the rest is getting mature anyway, so that would be the reasonable thing to do, to create it in D7.

Yes I have transfered drupal site before, it's just a matter of moving the database and files and pointing the domain name. There is also a module to help migrate drupal if you prefer an easier way.

Especially if you like user friendly, the D6 was not quite there yet, Drupal 7 is an improvement in user friendliness, so it's easier to build on something a little more evolved than trying to implement them all starting from the basic in Drupal 6.
Me I think wysiwyg is not needed on my site, it would be a nice addition but it's even better without it, keep it simple :-)

James - apologies for advertising another site on your site.

EA - If you want me to test anything or try anything, let me know by IM. Hubby says I can find gaps and errors where no one else can. And I'm female and always willing to give my opinion...

Everyone else - If you want to join QWhatDo based on my recommendation, send me personal message and I'll send you my referral code.

There's no problem advertising another site, no big deal, in fact this forum should have more categories, but everytime I start to think about how to organize the forum better, I quickly stop because I don't have good knowledge of what categories should be on the forum, depending on what goals.

To read the whole link, click where it says "comments."

Lindsey M. Read
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You could change it to drupal, it is more flexible and powerful than other CMS.

Lindsey M. Read
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It IS already made with Drupal, both Best Reviewer and QWhatDo, but since you commented only for spamming your crappy link, you're forgiven.

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