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html not working in the title field

James, I noticed that html no longer works in the title field. I wonder if this is an accident or on purpose and if it is temporary or permanent. If it's permanent, then I'm going to have to amend a lot of my tops, and I don't want to start doing that if the change is only temporary.

Hi, in fact I never intended for the title field to allow html, but it did allow limited html due to my mistake.
Now why did I realize this and changed it, it is because I started using the Drupal module Glossify in order to dynamically add my links to some words, and I noticed that it was messing with each item title by replacing the words inside, when this part is reserved for the link/url of each item.
So I removed the limited html format from all titles.

What did you do on your tops? HTML was not an intended use within the title, I always wanted the title to be pure text, and only if the url field was filled in the system would make a link out of the title.

OK I'll start changing them. But Best-Reviewers still works with html in the title field, do you plan to change that site too?

Yes eventually it will have to be changed too, at the moment I'm trying different things (after the adsense ban) but not in an organized way, it's hard to get up from years of lazyness and get moving again..
So I have first to start like a baby and experiment with several things and see what works for me, in this case, the use of module Glossify hasn't given any positive returns yet, but I have half done it, in fact more like done it at 1% of what it should be for getting some results.

So I have things to do, not only on best reviewer of course, but rather put everything down on paper and start removing the useless sites that will do me no good without adsense.. Anyway, so yes eventually, on best reviewers, but it's not happening yet.

i too noticed that the html code no longer works on the title field and i'm currently trying to correct my tops. i just want to ask if you eventually remove the html code for the text field, then where are we supposed to add our html code? or we are expected to just make plain tops with direct links only? thanks

yes, really if it was a perfect world you should just use the url field to make your links, but the fact is some clever people found out about the html enabled field and then used it to display images and then links, etc..

Now, I don't really care, but for the item's title I changed it from limited html to plain text because of some new module I used following my adsense account banning and my renewed motivation to make it in the affiliate world..
But then recently google search also penalized so honestly..

I don't know what to say, but tomorrow I'm coming back to Thailand from my 4 weeks break in China, and I will focus on affiliate programs, and I think I should just focus on french, not english because it is too competitive. I should focus on my french sites and overall do french stuff where it is easier for me to get traffic, and see if I can make it in the affiliate world in french..

So for best-reviewer, the explanation is that the limited html in title was messing up the new module called glossify, which is meant to take some words and link them dynamically to wherever I want (affiliate links) but now I'm fed up, I don't know what to say exactly..

Just give up on this site, and focus on your own sites.. I mean if you get some money from your affiliate links, then fine, enjoy while it last, but I don't know, maybe I should rest a little and talk to you later about it :-)

berryluvin, I checked all your tops and you only have 2 where it is showing the html instead of the link. Just change them, it won't take very long. I have over 300 tops and about half of them needed amending and I just worked through them one at a time. On shared revenue sites things change all the time, it's one of those things about working online you have to get used to.

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