How Much Money Does Lee Hsien Loong Make?

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  Lee Hsien Loong earns $2,856,930 per year*

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$2,856,930 a year for Lee Hsien Loong it means $238,078 per month, $59,519 per week or $11,903.88 per day! Lee Hsien Loong is the prime minister of Singapore. He is famous as he is the best paid prime minister of the world. His annual salary is 2,856,930 US dollars. The parliament raised his salary by 25% effective as of January 2008. His salary is 7 times more than paycheck received by the President of the United States who erans only USD 400,000 per year.
He was born in 1952 and he is the third son of Singapore's first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Hsien Loong is member of the People's Action Party and Member of Parliament since 1984. He was minister starting from 1987. He was elected to prime minister in 2004.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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Go and run for the elections in Singapore. You can get more than 238k per month!

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kodavatisai's picture

They are not gangsters They

They are not gangsters They are Leaders
Indians elect who give more money for vote So after electing they earns 100s of that money

lordt's picture

Well, many gangsters make a

Well, many gangsters make a lot of black money. It is good to know that the Indians elect such gangsters to ministers.

kodavatisai's picture

oh for a prime minister it is

oh for a prime minister it is very small amount
In India normal minister makes more BLACK money than ur prime minister earns

lordt's picture

Well, if a business

Well, if a business concentrates only on immediate profit then it does not have a real future.
Good businesses always invest in future.

EsotericArticles's picture

A country should not be run

A country should not be run like a business, or if it is run like a business it should be always investing in itself for the future. Running a country to make an immediate profit is a bad, bad approach.

lordt's picture

Yes, I agree, Singapore is

Yes, I agree, Singapore is really run more like a company than a country.

JadeDragon's picture

The country of Singapore is

The country of Singapore is run like a business, a very successful and profitable business. He deserves every S$ he makes. Obama... not so much.