How Much Money Does Hasan ebrhim Make?

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  Hasan ebrhim earns $3,800 per year*

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$3,800 a year for Hasan ebrhim it means $317 per month, $79 per week or $15.83 per day! Life means so different ways mixed of happiness and sadness, but as a human we should handle it no matter how it get hard...

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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This is Hassan live story, a friend of me... This guy never give up, not once his childhood and even at the present da!! When he was a teenager he faced so many trouble but he never let it destroys his life, he's been cheated several time by the girls that he were felt in love whith!! But everytime he gots stronger and faithful tell one day he became a relegin who truly loves god and try hard to be the same person who became so he graduated from university and join a work as an accounter and get some money and invested them tthen he became a true business man, so at the end he did it, and deside to marred a beautiful kind women and live the life the he choosed, today his a father of 3 children and he looking for there happiness wih alll what he have....

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