How Much Money Does Gary Vaynerchuk Make?

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  Gary Vaynerchuk earns $4,000,000 per year*

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$4,000,000 a year for Gary Vaynerchuk it means $333,333 per month, $83,333 per week or $16,666.67 per day! If you dont yet know Gary Vaynerchuk, you probably should. I didnt know about Gary and I have been a content writer for years. I guess thats why I have been missing out on the big business! Not knowing about people like Gary and how they work! If one thing defines Gary Vaynerchuk, it is "new age". You think it is people like me who make twitter, tumblr, and the whole social media space work? Wrong. It is guys like Gary who provide the real recipe, the juice, the vision and create the money for it all. We are just the key ingredients which they know how to use! Kind of like a clove? or a parsley? While Gary is the complete dish! Gary Vaynerchuk is not just the new age internet whiz kid - he is a dish to look at too! He earns something between 3-5 mn USD if you believe reports and much much more if you listen to rumour. Gary is the wine nabob. He writes about wine, talks about wine, and makes big money. Thats to put it in a nutshell.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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According to Gary, he makes money because he listens to people. He gives them what they want instead of the other way round. He is not focussed on driving traffic to mass media like all around him, he is focussed on the quality. He started his career with a vlog on wine and is known as a successful angel investor. He has currently diversified into managing sports careers. Here's to more lessons from Gary Vaynorchuk!

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