How Much Money Does Female Pornstar Make?

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  Female Pornstar earns $200,000 per year*

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$200,000 a year for Female Pornstar it means $16,667 per month, $4,167 per week or $833.33 per day! What does a female pornstar make? There is a wide variation in these figures. A female pornstar can make anywhere from 100,000 a year to 500,000 depending on name recognition. These figures sound nice, but the average female pornstar does not have a long career in the business and is often out of work after less than a year. having done hundreds of movies in that time period.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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The porno industry is not a nice business, a few women can make a nice living off of it for a couple of years, but the jobs can quickly dry up.

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Ever heard about money? Also

Ever heard about money? Also this job allows for relative great freedom compared to office work..

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why pornstar like to do such

why pornstar like to do such type of work like porn movies even they can join some other job?

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the best side I have ever

the best side I have ever visited ever in my life to get information.