How Much Money Does Ellen Degeneres Make?

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  Ellen Degeneres earns $50,000,000 per year*

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$50,000,000 a year for Ellen Degeneres it means $4,166,667 per month, $1,041,667 per week or $208,333.33 per day! Yikes, I think that this salary page is here to make me see how poor I am! So I love Ellen, I hardly ever watch her show because I work when it is on and I have no idea how to use my DVR. Instead, I let Ellen cheer me up. I watch clips from her show on Twitter whenever I need a pick me up. Trust me, just a few clips can really pick me up.
So sure, she deserves a large salary, she is smart and talented, and very funny. I love Ellen!
Now a quick look at how I really feel.
My family struggles on a daily basis, we are lucky enough to have a house, but we have also come close to loosing it. I appreciate all of the starts that give money to charity, the one's that truly believe in helping, but in this country where there are so many over paid people don't you think five million a year for top stars and sports players should be enough? I'd be happy with a joint annual salary of one hundred thousand. I'm just saying.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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My conclusion is that I love Ellen, and good for her for making it to the top. I just can't imagine being able to take that kind of salary and not be constantly thinking about the families in my country, in my state, that are loosing important things, like homes, that they have worked their entire lives to get.
I think that I did this assignment wrong! Lol.

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Ellen first came out and told

Ellen first came out and told everyone she was gay, was I impressed no but if she would have came out and said she was donating $ 10,000,000 for homeless shelters and food banks I would be impressed. Hay Ellen I don't give a crap if your gay or a tranny or cross dresser.