How do I delete a Top?

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How do I delete a Top?

I accidentally posted two of my most recent tops twice and need to delete the extra ones. I visited the editing options for the Tops and didn't see a 'delete' option anywhere. I also looked around in the 'Edit You Account' section but didn't notice anything.

Hi, I've deleted your tops, but here's the answer from the FAQ:
- How can I delete or modify my tops?

In order to delete or modify a top it's very easy. Simply send me a message with the URL(s) of your top(s) that you want to modify. The URL(s) should start with
In this message tell me what changes you want to be done to your tops, including deletion.
I will act on them as soon as I read your message and will contact you back when the changes have been done.
Please note that you can edit your tops yourself, by clicking on the EDIT link near the title of your tops, but I can do it for you too.

Also on another topic, you could change the main site URL in your profile, because at the moment you're linking to not to your own pages..


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Thanks for the help, sorry I didn't read the FAQs first. I am confused by your last comment though, regarding the main site URL in my profile. I examined my profile pages and the "Edit Your Account" page and coudln't figure out what you were referring to. If I am linking to hubpages I would definately like to change that since I don't use that site. Could you give me some more information about this?
Thanks so much.

The third link I gave you, at the end of my post, if you're loggued in (you were not when you posted your answer, hence the "a visitor" name) you'll see several fields, and the one I'm talking about is titled: "Main site / blog ( eg: ): "
That's where you should put your own url, and also see the field titled: "Text of the link ( also called ANCHOR of the link ): " which will be used as your anchor, the text of your link, at the bottom of each of your tops and on each of your referrals tops.

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