How do i bookmark my blog articles in Best Reviewer?

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How do i bookmark my blog articles in Best Reviewer?

Can i bookmark my blog articles in Best Reviewer? If i can how do i do it.


How this site basically works is that you write a top, and add the links as part of the top.

For example, let's say your blog has articles about cars right. You may write a top "the best cars" and then list some cars, with links to your blog from each of the pieces of the top.


1. BMW model x2332 (then add a link to a page about that car)
2. Ferrari model x (then add a link to a page about it)

That is how it works, see the 'create a new top' link on the right hand side? Good luck:)

Hi, yes you can, but please read the rules for your own sake because I delete user accounts quite quickly at the first mistake, because there are many people who don't make mistake so I have no mercy on those who do, that's how it works in a free market :-)
Start from here for posting a top list:

But make sure you read at least:

And everything will go fine from there..

Actually, the bookmark this option is still on the site, but it is meant to go away. It was something I've tried at some point, but then removed from the main menu, but the link to bookmark this stayed, this is due to lazyness and not because it is an interesting feature. So you'd better not use it or learn to use it as you would be wasting your time since I'm going to remove it when I get busy with moving the site to a new template, but that is still several weeks from now, with no deadline by the way!

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