how do i add images to my tops?

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how do i add images to my tops?

hi, i'm still very new here and i'm finding it difficult to understand this website. please can anyone tell me how to add the image of the products i'm reviewing to my tops? thanks

Hello, personally I don't recommend wasting time with images other than the one I allow you to easily upload in the top form..

But since everybody has their own thinking process, I'll refer you to one article written by one of the top members Pukeko where she explains how to add images to your top lists:

Thank you so much for sharing. i finally figured it out. images may not matter to you but i really love it. anytime i visit a site the first thing that attracts me is the images and colors that's why i find it very difficult to write without adding images or videos. thanks a lot. this site is awesome

Yes, images are cute and all, but in the grand scheme of things, they don't matter much, since the traffic is sent by Google to your top pages.. Having the one hosted on best reviewer when you upload it via the form is ok because then it can also appear in google images and at least I can put the url in watermark..
But yes even images which are simply displayed on the page via hotlinking also can appear in google images..

But I don't like it too much because I don't control the image, and perhaps one year from now they won't be here or they'll be replaced by something violating adsense rules..

Otherwise I agree with you of course we have computer supporting millions of colors, so images are important..
I admit I should have added some fields in the form so members could upload one image per top item, but I also had to think about the disk space on the web server, so one is enough..

As you will notice much to your dismay, when one upload a photo, I then make it in greyscale and tilted, adding a watermark.. It doesn't look too good but at least it helps figthing the copyright problems, at least that was my thinking although I know it doesn't do it really, but it's an effort, a sad one :-)

Thanks for taking your time to explain to me. i'm really grateful

Hi -- it's pretty easy -- you drop the url to the photo in the little url box under each number. You can also put in youtube videos, like I did in a recent Top about the guitarist for Black Sabbath

There are a number of ways you can add images here. The easiest is to copy a URL of an image where it says URL.

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