How can the ads on the left be removed?

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How can the ads on the left be removed?

I can't see to even post on the forum not alone write a top. Is there some way I can remove them?

Hi, you can increase your screen resolution if you know how to do that. But anyway, I am going to move the ads to the right (not over the menu, but within the menu) soon when I'll get back to work on the site.

You can use the tab button from your keyboard to save your work.

Don't worry I'll move them out of the way first thing, it's just a matter of days. But honestly, increase your screen resolution and you'll be much more confortable in anything you do on the computer, not only on best reviewer!

Point taken about the screen resolution, but even with the max resolution that my desktop at work allows, if I open the browser with anything less than a full size window, the ads end up overlaying the left portion of the input fields.

Looking forward to seeing them moved, and looking forward to more great things with Best-Reviewer.

Yes I will put them on the right column, problem is the right column will be even longer than it is now, but ok not that much of a problem. I also wonder if I should make the ads visibles only to visitors and not registered members. In that case I could let them on the left. Or maybe I'll make the ads invisible to registered users AND put them on the right column. I don't know, does anyone has an opinion about that?

Anyway now I even want to change all the template in order to make the site looks a little bit nicer, but that will take some hours of work and for a result which I have no idea about since I haven't decided on which template to use. I hope if I decide to change the template it will end up looking better than before and not jeopardize the SEO aspect of the site, that would be stupid and wasted time :-)

If you have any suggestion, not only about that, don't hesitate to open a new thread on this forum, it's made for that. Also you can contact me if you want me to add another category, recently someone did and I added the "Antiques / Collectibles" category, this is very quick and easy to do. But go ahead and tell me if there are things you think would help the site in general, I'll think about it and communicate with you and other to see what can be achieved reasonably.

Thanks for your input, always appreciated. Now I'm fine, I'm in a nice flat in Pattaya, Thailand, with correct internet connection, honest desk, I even bought a electronic piano (I play harmonica) for relaxation :-)

Here's the video of my flat, in real it looks more messy since I live there for one month already :-)

Finally moved to the right, sorry to have been so long in reacting, once I set myself to the task it only took about 15 minutes!

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