How to blog ? i have an approved adsense account

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How to blog ? i have an approved adsense account

Here's one question on Digital Point forums:

i have an youtube account with approved adsense account, i like to create blog with that account in blogger and apply, im so confused about to blog in what topics ?
i dunno what people searches exactly more ? what they except ? in what area i should write about ? i can write any topics related to technologies, but im so strucked with what to write in that blog, so please if any bloggers here... let me know how to develop blog traffic ? dont say unique content, i can give unique content, but i want to know how to start with ? i want step by step procdure for bloggin and using adsense. what should i write about ? how to do keyword research ? plz im searching for this in many sites.. i think i can gt it here.. since its a large forum... plz help.. gimme clear ideas,,, keep in mind im a newbie to adsense n blogging..dont use more pro words... plz... thanx.
i have a doubt , my interest in on codecs and encoding, let me try with that subject...

My answer:

This topic is too technical for adsense.
What you want is mass traffic, so find topics which are appealing to the masses, codecs and encoding is definitively not appealing to the masses.
Plus you need to find out topics which are appealing to the western masses, not what is popular in India.
search for "google insights" it will help you in discovering what people from the US (for instance) are searching for online at different periods of the year.
When you write an article, try to be about 2 months in advance. So for instance if you write an article today, don't do it about christmas or new year eve, but about valentine's day on februrary 14th.

Now, what is your answer? What to blog about with adsense earnings in mind?

Technical subjects are not actually so bad, but the big issue with them is that a certain portion of your traffic will be tech savvy and thus unlikely to click advertisements.

However, if they are audio codecs for a popular program, as in something people wanting to play music will use, then you can get a lot of traffic quite quickly. Furthermore, the advertisements on tech subjects can actually be quite well paying per click. That said: tough market.

Unfortunately, the list provided by Google Insights is not so good either because many of those topics will be saturated. It is a shame Google Insights does not give some nice 'middle ground' topics that have enough views to make it worth while, and yet also not too much attention to make it saturated. Even Alexa does not give the sort of information I want, from what I have seen:(

If you install Alexa Toolbar ( can try this one I customized for Best Reviewer: ) then you have access to more information on websites. So if you identified a few direct competitors of your site, you can see what search requests brought most traffic to those sites, and try to create about 10 pages related to those searches if you don't already have content on your own site to answer those searches specifically.

It's true that it would be good if google insights provided information after the top 10 (top searches and rising searches)
But one has to remember why popular keywords are saturated it's because there is so much traffic on these, the cake is so large! And there's no reason why YOU, with your content, can't get a piece of that cake. My method is about mixing those keywords together, in sometimes unique combinations. With the amount of searches on those keywords, I imagine that still a large amount of people are or will actually be searching for one of your combinations. So anyway, it doesn't matter how you go for it, the cake is still large enough to accomodate for one more person at the table, especially on popular topics which are not by definition, technical and can be discussed at a low level of intelligence. So that's why I think the most of the interesting traffic (for adsense) is there, it has the best conditions for high earnings: massive traffic, high ctr and whatever honestly priced CPC of the given topic with its advertizers own competition.

About technology, it's true the CPC is good enough, but it's the competition between webmasters firstly, then the type of audience (more likely to have installed ad block to not see ads, or if they don't have it installed, they are very good at NOT clicking on adsense)
But of course there are niches in technology which can have a mass-like appeal. For instance you talked about audio codecs for a popular program. Well I have a site in french which does pretty well since 2008, it's simply about file extensions for instance "how to open a file with extension .3GP", so audio codecs and many other programs are involved, talked about, on this site. It is doing ok, because those who come to find a program to open a .DOC file are not yet what one can call members of a technical audience.

So when I'm saying no to technical subjects, it's more about the high competition and the low CTR, which ends up with limited traffic and a very low RPM, due to CTR, not CPC. But if you can find a way to target the less technical audience possible on any topic, then go for that instead, you'll have a larger audience which tends to click more on the ads. They'll be grateful (more likely to write comments) and happy with any basic how-to article about your topic. The CPC will be the same, but you'll earn so much more and you'll have more fun and could even help a newbie or two in the process with content explained very simply, for the less technical audience.

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