HopAd Builder is being terminated, what's the alternative?

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HopAd Builder is being terminated, what's the alternative?

I've just realised today that the HopAd Builder is being terminated, that's sad news since it was my only way to make a semi-contextual widget in order to sell clickbank products depending on my content pages's topics..

Here's the text on the HopAd Builder page:
HopAd functionality is being retired beginning July 23, 2012. Existing HopAds will continue to function temporarily, but no new HopAds may be created.
Thank you for participating in this beta feature. We will provide a date for final decommissioning of HopAds soon. Please remove existing HopAd Builder blocks from your website as soon as possible.

What's the alternative? Do they have an API and a sample PHP script we can use?

How are YOU going to replace that functionnality if you are using it?

What are your strategies / systems in order to try to come close to a contextual clickbank products display?

EDIT on 2nd september: after learning of the 4th september date for disabling of HopAd Builder, I've decided to try cbproads and so I bought directly the lifetime membership, because I wasn't going to use something which share the revenue 50/50 when I can get 100% for a small fee that will be paid by just a couple of clickbank sales! Moreover, I believe the webmaster will not give up on this product, especially since HopAd Builder is being terminated for good. And as I loggued in for the first time, exploring the options (all I want to use for now is their contextual ad widget) I've emailed the webmaster to say hello and tell him to update his news section since the last post dates from April 2012, and he replied in a matter of minutes and told me he's releasing a new, improved version of the site in a couple of weeks. Honestly I can't believe he hasn't talked about the termination of HopAd Builder yet nor about this new version of the site in his latest news block! I'm sure he will get a lot of new members VERY soon since clickbank has started sending emails about the termination of HopAd Builder just yesterday to clickbank affiliates who they know have been using their widget. Before that, the information was hidden in the page of the hopad builder, but any link to it has been removed from clickbank interface. So really, people will only start to look for an alternative, and from my first impression, cbproads is the best solution, and there's more to it than just the widget in fact! I'm going to do a proper review of it, since I want to make more and more sales in clickbank and this product I bought it so I will be able to talk about it in details.

I opened a ticket on Clickbank to know why they removed it or if they will have something better, or what they suggest as an alternative.. Their answer is incredible: "sorry, I don't know, oh you can use affiliate materials such as banners, WTF?!?.."
What about if you don't know, you ask?

Very helpful, and that was the end of it, ticket closed.. They might have an internal communication problem more than they have an external communication one..

Hello, I've just learned from a webmaster forum that your HopAd Builder is going to be terminated. That is sad because I was going to make extensive use of it on my site. That's was my plan anyway.

What do you suggest we can use to try to make something a little bit contextual in order to show clickbank products depending on the topic of pages which can be about everything?

Can you tell me what is your reasonning for terminating this fine widget? Was it too ressource hungry? Was it not performing well enough?

In fact I was hoping that finally someday you would add the feature to restrict products to a specific language (french for me) but instead I learn that you're removing it totally. I'm surprised and most of all I'd like to receive a suggestion from you about how to duplicate what you were doing. How can I implement a similar system?
Do you have an easy way to do the same via PHP, maybe with an API? Or what else could I do?

Also, how long will the existing ones continue to work, even if we can't use your interface to create new ones?

Thank you for your time



Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I do not know the specific reasons why the HopAd Builder tool was retired or if this tool will be replaced by a similar widget in the future. You may try locating vendors in the Marketplace that would have Vendor Spotlight pages that would have Affiliate Tools pages on their websites. Most of these vendors have banners or other images you can use for your advertisements on your website or blog.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank You,

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I have just created several sites using CB Proads consisting of all clickbank products. Does this mean that cb proads are affected by the decommissioning of hopads? i have received no replies from either as yet!

From what I understand, any third party service would not suffer from the decommissioning of hopads. Hopads was doing more or less the same thing as cbproads, without the membership and revenue sharing part.

Services like the one you mention are using the complete database of products from clickbank, and this list is freely available as a XML download from clickbank. The services then maintain this database, rewrite the descriptions of each products to target them to buyers instead of affiliates, and then perhaps include a small contextual system, to do like adsense ads and target the ads to the content of the page on which the widget is put.

Hopads was a lot simpler than that and didn't even include the contextual part, it was simply accepting a list of keyword that you had to provide for each page..

So don't worry you can stay with the third party service you mentionned, they are not affected by the decommissioning of the hopads widget..

By the way, an update in mid-august this hopads widget is still working and I haven't yet read any official date for it to stop working. They don't talk about it on their blog or anywhere, even the date of 23rd july came as a surprise for me, I haven't seen it announced at all..

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No worries... Try cbproads

They've got much better ad formats than Clickbank!


When you say They, you mean We or rather I.. So thank you for dropping by James from CBProAds, I'll maybe use your service, I don't know yet, at the moment I'll pick up by hand a few clickbank product and display them in various ways, maybe mix them with other networks programs and make a system to serve my own soup.. I don't know yet I'm still looking for options as I'm on holidays I take this time for reflexion :-)

EDIT: as HopAd Builder is now sure to be terminated on 4th september I went ahead and bought a lifetime membership of your service. So far so good, I've put it on this site in 2 formats, 728x90 and 300x250, not all the time, but rather alternating with my own script and chitika (and more to come). So yes I'll recommend your service from now on, especially since you sell it also via Clickbank and I'm an affiliate. And it is the first clickbank product I ever bought, so at least I'll know what I'm talking about when promoting it. :-)

So now they have announced a closing date, on 4th september..
This is the email sent to some affiliates using the HopAd Builder:
Dear ClickBank Affiliate,

You are receiving this email because you are currently using our HopAd Builder tool on one or more websites.

We are discontinuing the HopAd Builder tool in a few weeks, so we recommend that you remove any existing HopAd Builder widgets from your site as soon as possible to avoid error messages on your site.

The final decommissioning date for HopAd Builder is September 4, 2012. Any HopAd Builder widgets still running after this date will display an error message, so it’s important that you swap out those widgets as soon as possible.

Thank you for using HopAd Builder.


In fact the reason why they removed it, I guess is because it was really crap. They don't clean their marketplace at Clickbank, so a lot of products are total rip-offs. And I'm not even talking about being a rip-off for the potential buyers, I'm talking about links to parked domains, to sites which have changed owners and content, to sites which sell other products without giving a commission to the affiliate (having a paypal button unrelated to the hoplink / affiliate id) and many other things such as bad quality sales pages which will never sale anything, etc..

Instead of removing their widget they should simply have added a variable in the script so that we could choose to show only product with a high gravity (which means in Clickbank terms that many people are promoting and selling it) and even provide an "alternate url" variable so if there is no clickbank product with a high enough gravity for the given keywords then the widget would display the alternate url instead..

But no, they choose to remove it altogether..

That's a pity and it's unlikely they'll come up with something else anytime soon otherwise they would have talked about it in their message.

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