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Hello Everybody....

I'm so glad joined with best-reviewer...

Hello and welcome!
Yes in a way you're very lucky since you just registered now..
Because I'm in the middle of upgrading the membership options, so for instance today no one can register anymore without buying a membership..
I'm in the middle of it, I'm not sure I'll keep it this way, as I'd like to keep a free membership even with limited options, but the problem I'm facing at the moment is how to have both a very easy workflow to go from registration to checkout and at the same time allow for free registrations, but in this case I absolutely need to have more than a simple captcha..
Because yesterday as a test I disabled the captcha and pending application queue for a few hours and the site was flooded with new users opened by spambots..

So I really need to find a solution which will be acceptable, but first what I'm doing now is working on the several added-value options that will be available to premium members.. Then when it will be done I'll think seriously about the free membership..

But for existing members I've added the basic membership which will be paid too but cheap for new comers, that basic membership is basically the same as before for all members.

So you're lucky to have been one of the last ones to get in.. In fact this site has been opened exactly 2 years ago, so now I think is a good time to implement a paid membership with even more value out of using the site.

Please for existing members reading this, I repeat again, don't take any paid membership until I'll be done with it, as it can change and I'll ask for your feedback before putting the final touches, thanks!

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