Hello All I'm Amanda, I'm curious

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Hello All I'm Amanda, I'm curious

This site is so jam packed with ads i'm having a little trouble trying to figure out how it works lol Could I get a hand?

Hello and welcome, so you think it has too many ads too, you're not alone :-)

At least when you're loggued in, most of the ads are not visible :-)

What would you like to know really? I thought people who sign up on my site know why they do. It is quite simple really, you can create top lists or salary pages. That's all there is to it for your own benefit. Another benefit is maybe to talk with other members on this forum and maybe learn some new things, but honestly for that there are far better forums such as Digital Point to mention only my favorite!

I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend. I figured it out. It was my computer it wouldn't load any of the links. So I was like um ok lol. Now that it's working properly I can actually get where I was trying to go.

I'm not offended until you call my mother a saint :-)
I'm glad everything makes sense now, but about the ads, I'd welcome any suggestion to try to make a better impression to visitors. I know there are MANY ads on a typical top list page.. so..

If you had an assignement, to remove only ONE ad (or block of ad) in order to improve the page and lessen the first impression of the page being overcrowded with ads, which one would it be?

The ad that says to log in click ___here__ and you do and find an ad (I think you may have to fail at log in once or something to get it). But when windows is trying, yet again to fix and reinstall the same 8 updates over and over, in the background. At the same time your trying to sign in and keep clicking ads it can be frustrating.

I'll have to check for such an ad, it's probably one of those bought via buysellads, in the future I'll keep that in mind to not approve those kind of images with login or other things that can be confusing. I already look for the images and destination link with my own criteria but that didn't include the login here confusion. From now on for future ad approvals I'll keep that in mind.

That is brilliant lol. Login Advertisement. Genius.

I have also seen another hilarious technique where you write "Do you like free stuff? Click here". Then you have no actual free stuff, because you never promised any. You just asked a simple question.

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