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Hey Everyone!

I have been a Squidoo lensmaster for almost 5 years now and I am just getting serious about promoting them. Best Reviews looks like a double good thing with the Adsense sharing and a backlink builder for my lenses.

Well, glad to be here and good luck to all!

Hello and welcome JvilleKid, so do you mean you somehow managed to use ONLY squidoo for your online earnings? And how are you doing?

Hey James,

Thanks for the kind welcome!

No, I had personal sites that were geared towards Amazon products and I tried AdWords, but none with no real success. AsSense has kept me hopeful that someday I may make something worth mentioning, we will see!

I started bum marketing with Squidoo and really liked it, but after Google slapped them I stayed away for awhile. Now I am back and excited about it again.....till I read your 4 weeks method. That made me real excited. I am on day one and have one more article to write.

So with the 4 week method and going back to Squidoo, I hope to increase my earnings!

I wish you good luck with your 4 weeks challenge. Also please think hard about the advise I always give:
- get a proper web hosting and domain name (I recommend dreamhost, but could be another well known US based web hosting company)
- start to learn how to install and use Drupal to build sites. This time spent and effort won't be in vain, it will be VERY valuable to you in the future to be able to quickly launch a new site with the power of drupal in terms of features you may need.

That's the best to make money, build your own web properties, don't waste your time on other people website.
Think about it, if you post on best reviewer, ok you're benefiting from an hypothetical seo advantage because there's lot of fresh content posted everyday, but on the other hand you're sharing the revenue (and not a little) with me at least..

Wouldn't you prefer to have people post on YOUR site even if you have to share the revenue on the pages they create? Of course you'd prefer I think. For a start, using Drupal you'll have a site which has multi-users capability if you wish to have registered users on your site.

Anyway, the basic advise is if you have a technical background of some sort (meaning you could learn technical things more easily than non technical people) then invest your time now and learn about Drupal as much as you can while building your new site.
If you don't have any technical background, you are more into writing and other things, maybe it's best you don't try to learn Drupal because it could mean frustration and finally giving up, so time will have been wasted, more or less..

If you're still more interested in writing yourself, that's very fine too, if you have a talent in writing it beats nearly everything else in terms of earning online with adsense. You only need to know what to write about to improve your money/worktime ratio. And in the method you can see that google insights can provide an easy, no brainer, topic sources. After it's up to you to use your creativity in order to write interesting text. Don't forget to always end your articles with one or more questions, so that naturally your most loyal readers will comment on your page, answering your questions, that's good for traffic to have a lot of comments.

Thanks for the advice James. I do have my own website, it is MyInternetLab.com if you would like to check it out. I really like Wordpress, but I may try Drupal in the near future. The extra experience won't hurt!

The end the article with a question is great advice! Thanks....


You're welcome Scott.
With your MyInternetLab.com you have everything to get going, create content optimized for traffic and try to make 2012 your best year (so far) in terms of online earnings.

I've used both Drupal and WordPress to create sites. Both are great, but I think WordPress is probably the easier to use and maintain of the two (although I haven't upgraded my Drupal site to version 7 yet -- that may make a difference).

Given a choice, I'd go with WordPress, but either way, pick one and learn it well. I find it difficult to switch back and forth between the two even though I've got a programming background so the tech side of things doesn't scare me. You'll be more efficient if you stick to one system.

Good advise to stick to one. WP will be as great anyway..
Yes Drupal 7 has better, easier module update process than before, uploading of modules updates now is directly within Drupal admin.

Thanks for the advice LoneWolf and James!

You're welcome! For me your adsense account is like a goldmine and it's just a matter of having the bigger, better tools to dig gold out of it.. So whatever your earnings are at the moment, you can increase them 10 times, 100 times, no problem if you can get better tools :-)

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