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hallo best reviewers!

hey reviewers. Do you real make any money from this site. What the tricks to get alot of views on my reviews. I am just a newbie here so dont missunderstand me!

Hi addicted, welcome to Best-Reviewer.
Yes, we're earning from this site.
Post some more, and make sure your posts are about things being searched by most people in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
Check out the list on the forum post "Create salary pages about famous people" and create a post about these most searched people or occupations.
Just like other sites, you earn if you have plenty of posts.
The difference here is that it's easier to create a post because there's already a format. Just fill in the blanks with useful info.
This site is also already SEOd by the owner, so you'll benefit from it. Your job is just to write about items that are being searched.

How do we know what are being searched? Check out these sites:
1. Yahoo answers
2. Alexa
3. Google Insights
4. Click the blue-black logo at the bottom of this page, and check Search Engine Queries
5. Learn how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, if you haven't tried it yet

It would be good if in the near future, you comment again here, and describe what was effective for you, and help other people too.

Hello and welcome, yes it's true that before writing you need to know what people are searching for online. For this I mainly use Google Insights but Novem also mentionned other means to know what's popular online.
But also note that at first you should make tops about things you have already written online, so you can make links to your own web properties and get used to how to create a top list. Then you can move on to other topics.
I have written a little article about that some time ago:

Good luck and make sure you read the rules about forbidden content, because I seldom give any prior warning before account deletion these days. Have fun and tell us what worked for you!

I didn't post here because at the beginning i was struggling to find how to track impressions. But suddenly i got some click from best-reviewer which worth more than .50 eauro on an average . May be this site has highest paying keyword .. lol .. Or may be i was lucky .

They probably come from click on your salary pages.
I didn't add this content type by chance, it's because I have another site which is only about people's salaries and I know that this site gets high CPC and has been getting this high CPC for years.
So I told myself that it would be a good idea to add the salary content type to best reviewer, since having other people create content for me means they'll come up with names of celebrities that I will never have the idea to write about, especially since I'm not a native english speaker and don't know many US or even UK celebrities except for a few international ones, and even so I'm not very good at producing lots of content myself, so I prefer to share revenue with people in exchange for their knowledge and work. :-)
Salary / Money is a good niche for CPC in general.

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