The french Clickbank : 1TPE

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The french Clickbank : 1TPE

Hello there...

For the last 2 or 3 years I haven't been active in the english internet world..

I was focused on email marketing, affiliate marketing, in french..

That's because I tried to start in english and I wasn't going anywhere, so I thought I would try in french where the competition is much much less..

Anyway, in french there is only one affiliate platform similar to clickbank (for digital products, with affiliates program) it's 1TPE :

Of course it's all in french, but for seasoned marketers, that shouldn't be a problem, you can select a product to promote amongst the best selling ones and pay facebook ads to target french speakers interested in the same subject as the product...

Your only issue would be with the language, and there I can help you because I know 1TPE inside out, seriously.

So if you have any question at all, just try me, it will be my pleasure to guide you.

Especially if you register via my affiliate link here :

Because contrary to clickbank, 1TPE has a referral program. What do I earn from you ?

1 euro per sale you generate as an affiliate (not as a vendor)

In fact, if you're an affiliate and generate a sale, that 1 euro either go to 1TPE if you haven't a referrer, or to your referrer if you have one. That's pretty simple.

The fees of 1TPE are a bit different than on Clickbank, in short, as a vendor for the same affiliate commission % you earn less on 1TPE, but as an affiliate you earn more on 1TPE.

The reason is that Clickbank calculate the commission % on what is left after clickbank removes its fees, whereas 1TPE calculate the commission % on the net price.

So for instance on 1TPE if a product is sold at 100 euros and the commission is set at 70%, the affiliate commission is 70 euros. On clickbank the affiliate commission would be less than 70 euros.

Anyway, if you want to register, simply go to :

Then click on the ORANGE button titled "Inscrivez-vous"

Then fill out the short form :

Je m'inscris Gratuitement (I register for free)

Choisissez un pseudo (choose a pseudo)
Maximum 12 caractères alphanumériques, sans espace, pas de caractères spéciaux ni accent
(maximum 12 characters (letters and numbers) no space, no special character or accented letters)

Votre Email (your email)

Submit that form and you receive an email with your password, then go back to the site to login :

Login: yourpseudo
Password: autogeneratedpassword

At this point you have access to the admin interface. If you have reached that point, then just post a reply here and let me know. If there is at least one member of who is interested, I will continue to describe the process, if not I don't see the point :-)


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